Friday, May 9, 2014

Smokies...Real old fashioned hickory smoked BBQ! PART ONE!

This is PART ONE of a two part blog on Smokies.

Smokies old fashioned hickory smoked BBQ is serious GREAT eats. It's out there in Broken Arrow, but oh, so worth the drive. 

     Thanks to Aaron for making our experience such a great one.  It's easy to find...and not just visually...but aromatically as well. I mean, I literally could smell the delicious savory meats being smoked as I was getting near and then bam, there it was!

     So we're greeted by the super nice peeps there and then Aaron came out and said hello. I asked him what I always ask people in restaurants...give me your BEST dish and he accommodated nicely! From the Firecrackers (fried,breaded jalapeno) and fried pickle slices to the juicy, smoked ALL be good :-) I got to sample the pork, brisket, ribs, sausages and bologna! But wait, THERE'S MORE!!! SO MUCH MORE!! 
Firecrackers (sliced, breaded and fried jalapenos)

     Let's start with the flavors of the meats...hickory smoked deliciousness doesn't do it justice...the meats were flavorful, not too much smoky-ness, but just the right amount. Flavors were balanced and full on savory goodness.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

     Next, Aaron brought out samples of their signature sides. I don't even know where to start...the beans, oh those beans, smoky, tart AND sweet, with a little heat, again, perfect balance. The cole slaw was chunky, with a nice sweet crunch and a nice amount of cracked pepper.  The atomic slaw...O.M.G. Spicy, sweet crunchy yummy-ness. 

     My friend Dawn had the Razorback was phenomenal.  We were in BBQ heaven.  Razorback Sandwich, atomic slaw, baked beans and the most wicked tasty potato salad you'll ever have.

The meat literally came clean off the bone...THAT'S MY TEST ON GREAT BBQ! Smokies gets an A for tender smoky savoryness!

     Service was as crazy good as was the food! Thanks again Aaron for taking such good care of us. Can't wait to go back and try some other menu items as well as to take more photos and do a full write up about the history of this phenYUMenal place!

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