Sunday, December 18, 2016

HELP! Time Sensitive...

     The Salvation Army works around the clock, especially during the holidays. Local restaurants have been donating lunches for the volunteers who are hard at work helping our local communities.  
     We recently had a local restaurant who was not able to keep their commitment to help out tomorrow. Here is a special request and time is of the essence. 

WHAT: Lunch donated for 75 Salvation Army workers & volunteers
WHO: Provided BY local restaurants FOR 75 Salvation Army
workers and volunteers.
WHEN: TOMORROW, Monday, December 19th

     We realize this is extremely short notice but as we stated above, a local restaurant who had committed to help has backed out.  The Salvation Army has workers and volunteers who literally are working long hours around the clock trying to help out our local citizens who rely on help and assistance.  If you can donate at least a few lunches and we will try to gather the necessary 75 lunches without adding too much stress to those contributing.  Please message me:

     Thank you all for your consideration. 


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