Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Tropical Restaurant: So Fresh, They Grow Their Own Veggies!!

                                                                 The Tropical Restaurant does an amazing job to create the "tropical" feeling. Starting with the vegetation they use in their recipes... grown right outside their restaurant!

     I took a client there for lunch and it was also my first time.  A bold move I admit, but I was so glad I did.  I ordered the lettuce wraps and scallops.  I wish I could go into more detail, but I waited too long to blog about this amazing fresh food restaurant.  It is Asian influenced and the flavors will feed your soul beyond.  

     As I wrote earlier, The Tropical Restaurant literally grows much of their staple ingredients with regard to the veggies.  From scallions to herbs like Thyme, and even eggplant!  They were really nice and took me around their garden.  I just wished I'd had my Cannon, but unfortunately I only had my phone :-(  


     This restaurant spews freshness from the moment you walk UP to the actual restaurant.  I highly recommend giving this place a'll be so glad you did! เพื่อสุขภาพของคุณ!

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El 7 Marez...A Gem in Little Mexico, Tulsa

     There are plenty of authentic Mexican eateries in the Little Mexico part of town in Tulsa.  But if you're expecting processed, over greasy, Tex-Mex, you're in the wrong part of town.  Fresh, clean, and simple flavor profiles are what you'll find at El 7 Marez (which actually translates to The Seven Seas).

     On a weekend, Tulsans typically enjoy a nice Bloody Mary or Mimosa of sorts as a choice of beverage to accompany their brunch. But if you're in Little Mexico (21st and Garnet area), specifically El 7 Marez, you'll want to indulge in the tasty Michelada. It's your choice of Mexican beer, with Clamato juice, spices, and beer with a salted rim. I usually squeeze some lime juice in mine as well. It's served over ice and man is it good...I mean BUENO!!!

     My brother chose the burritos with their signature white queso with green chilies sauce. It comes with rice, beans and a few extra condiments like pico de gallo, a scoop of guac, and sour cream.

     I chose the traditional Mexican "weekend" stew, Menudo. I love it...but it's not for everyone. The main protein is...yes, beef stomach.  It's tasty and if you don't want the protein, just tell them you want the soup's made with a red chili pepper base and comes served with lime, chopped onions, and chopped cilantro on the side as well as crushed oregano and crushed red chili peppers.

     I also ordered tacos, the classic carnita tacos. Fresh, amazing, deep doesn't get any better than this. Oh, and I also ordred tacos al pastor, which is spit-grilled meat, in Mexican cuisine it's usually pork.
 Tripe Beef Taco

 Tacos al Pastor
Tripe Beef, Al Pastor, Carnitas = triple the taco gooness :-)

     This place is awesome. They do speak English, well enough to know what you want, they're kind, friendly and know how to cook. Buen provecho!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hoop's Philly Steak Food Truck...Daaaaang Good!

Hoop's Philly Steaks...serious good eats. Words can't do this place justice. You have to try the Philly Steak & Cheese though...really.

     It was "Food Truck Wednesday" and I walked all the way around the trucks to see what I hadn't tried yet (not much I haven't tried). Ran into some awesome people I know...hi Serene, Brady, LB, Terah...and the new people I met :-D, it was great to see you all!

     Okay, on to the goodness. I decided to try Hoop's Philly Steaks. They have jumbo hot dogs, footlong Polish sausage and fried pickles.  They also have some tasty beverages on the menu like lemonade. Oh, and the people servicing were super friendly...I love that.

     I digressed...the Philly Steak & Cheese was delicious. The beef and the onions were cooked tenderly and packed with flavor...almost tasted like a slow braise or roast on both meat and onions.  The sauce was savory and had a slight kick to it.  That Swiss cheese just melted lusciously...ever so creamy and satisfying. You have to try it. I tried to capture the flavor with photos but I didn't have my Canon with me, so Samsung had to step in and try to get the job done. Honestly, the photos don't do this tasty sandwich justice. Try it for yourself. It was only like $7...which is pretty standard pricing for food truck menu items.  Okay, turn on the porn tune...and feast your eyes on THIS.

     Hoop's Philly Steak Food's that good. Okay, turn the porn music's still good :-)  Cheers!

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El Taquero Food Truck...Mexican Hot Dogs? Si, Muy Bueno!

                                                     Mexican hot dogs? Sure! Why not? There's always a first time for everything, right? :-D

     So my sister came over for a visit and asked if she could pick us up some Mexican hot dogs for lunch.  I was like...whuhhhh?  Never heard of them. But, ever the curious foodie, of course I said, "SURE!!!"  I'm so glad she did. She stopped by El Taquero Food Truck and informed me they have two locations. One off 2nd and Lewis and the other off 31st and Mingo area.

     As you can see from the photos, this one had a frankfurter, topped with fresh onions, tomatoes, crema, a tasty spicy taco sauce, mustard, cheese and wait for it...BACON!!!  It was good...I could've eaten three more, but I had one and split a 2nd with my sister. Yum.

     Any way you bite it, it was satisfying and scrumptuous! Buen provecho!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gyros (yee-rose) Palace, Food of the Gods...for realz!

      Seriously, amazing...UH-MAY-ZING flavors. Out of this small little hole in the wall café comes tasty, savory and juicy meats, fresh veggies. Fresh would be a good way to describe this Gyros Palace. Fresh AND flavorful.

     I had the "D" on the menu by the register.  It tasted like roasted lamb...O.M.G. It was juicy, literally packed with savory flavor and just beyond good.

     The "D" came with pita bread, hummus, fresh Greek salad, roasted meat and a side of  tzatziki, a cucumber yogurt zesty sauce. This sauce complimented and cut through the rich meat beautifully.

     I highly recommend you at least try Gyro's Palace...they're located just west of Sheridan off 31st street. ζήτω!


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Asian Cuisine...Family recipes, atmosphere and goodness!


     Asian Cuisine, yes it's Asian, yes, it's made from scratch and yes, it's GOOD.

     Located in the old Steak & Ale location off 51st & Yale...this retro building and location makes this made from scratch Asian restaurant a perfect place. Not only is the location great, it spews family owned, made-from-scratch deliciousness.  Some might think this place needs a face-lift, but honestly, the retro-vintage building literally goes hand in hand with the "family-owned" and family recipes food.  You can taste and see the difference in the dumplings too. I've never had any like these.

     I had a special little guest with me so we ordered a few traditional Chinese menu items and shared.  We started with the fried spring rolls. Spring rolls are lighter and crisper in outer texture from that of "egg rolls" and I actually enjoy them more.

     Next we tried their traditional made from scratch steamed

     We also tried the calamari...when you see the "youthfulness" of my little guest, you'll be impressed that she tried and elevated her foodie tastes :-)

 Next, we tried the Sesame Chicken and rice...all traditional yet nothing ordinary.

     There wasn't any room for desert. Service was fabulous as was the food and the restaurant was VERY clean. Mom and pop eatery, Asian Cuisine is two thumbs up... even from this lil youngin'...享受!

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