Monday, September 29, 2014

Cosmos Cafe and Bar...Mediterranean Fresh Tasty-ness!

    Cosmo's Cafe...I've been there before, but it's been too long. Fresh cafe Mediterranean goodness. I'll be back sooner than later. Excellent service, clean and delicious, fresh food. Who could ask for anything more :-)

     Once again, a client lunch leads to another delicious blog review on a totally rad locally owned restaurant.  Cosmo's Cafe and Bar, formerly located in south Tulsa, moved to Brookside a few years ago.  The owners opened up sister restaurant Laffa, earlier this year, located in downtown Tulsa.

     We started with the hummus, of course. It's like one of their signature dishes. I like that it has more texture than you get in other places...but that's a good thing. It's hearty and flavorful. Served with pita bread, this could very well be your main meal as well but trust me, you'll want to save room for more.

      I ordered the Turkey and Avocado with a cup of Coconut Thai Curry Soup. One word...YUM. 

Coconut Thai Curry Soup-Bowl $6.29/Cup $4.29

Delicious, heart warning sweet potato, coconut & lemongrass soup that has a fun little kick to it bowl served with freshly baked baguette. cup served with crackers

Turkey and Avocado- $8.29
bacon, cream cheese, red onions, spring greens, ranch and tomatoes.

     Chad ordered the Roased Red Pepper, Tomato and Gouda cup of Soup with the Euro Beast...yes, he gave me a taste of the soup. It be good :-D
 Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Gouda Soup-Bowl $5.99/Cup $3.99
The Euro Beast-$8.29
Roast beef, avocado, roasted red pepper, cheddar, horseradish cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes and spring mix. 

     Kevin ordered the Cosmo Curry Chicken Salad with Pasta Salad. I didn't have a taste of his, but it looked really, REALLY good. I do believe I'll try that sandwich next time I eat lunch there!
Cosmo Curry Chicken Salad-spring greens and tomatoes. $8.29

Satisfied Cosmo diners!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Pint Pub and Grill...Where the Food is a Gallon of Goodness!

     The Pint, located in the former "White Owl" location, is a welcomed local eatery in Tulsa.  Not only because it's NOT a chain but because the food is what we Tulsa foodies have come to love and expect from local Tulsa restaurants. 

     My brother and I decided to venture out and try The Pint Pub and Grill as it has only been opened for a little over a month.  I'm so glad we did.  You can tell this food is made fresh and the selection of beer and wine rivals our local top restaurants. Not to mention the mixology going on behind the bar.

     My brother ordered the Delirium Tremens.  While that's the actual name of the creamy beer, according to Bar Manager Dylan Eaton, Delirium Tremens is actually a condition that can occur when you stop drinking alcohol after a period of heavy drinking...especially if you don't eat enough food.  I found it interesting as I did tasty!  Dylan Eaton came to The Pint Pub and Grill after a short stint at Hodges Bend.  He was there long enough to get excellent training in the mixology of spirits/liquor fusions.  His excitement and passion for their Fall cocktail list got me excited! He said they'll be mid-level fusions and one on the list will be a Bourbon Smash. Being a whisky girl myself, well, it made me giddy, warm and fuzzy all at the same time :-D

     I actually ordered the pinot noir...I just forgot to write down which one. But it was very good.

     We started with the Spinach Artichoke dip.  It was tasty, but really, REALLY heavy on the cream cheese so a little less would've made it better. Maybe half cream cheese a little sour cream to cut through the richness.  I think some people may like that, it's just a matter of taste.

     Next, my brother ordered the Corn Chowder. It's comprised of corn, potatoes, carrots, celery and bacon, all pureed into a silky cream decadence and topped with avocado cream and corn tortilla strips. I had a was creamy and silky tastiness.

     My brother was hungry, because he also ordered the Fish and Chips. I know, before you start thinking "oh great, another pub and grill serving up fish and chips, how original." This was no ordinary fish and chips.  It's PBR battered cod, served with fresh cut thick fries, a house made tarter that tasted like delectable homemade mayo. It was also served with grilled lemon.  Besides the pleasantly light and NON greasy batter and the luscious tarter sauce, it was the size of the cod that made this the best I've ever had. You know those fish and chips where there is more crust than fish? Yeah, that wasn't like this AT ALL!!! The cod was a plenty, delicate, flaky and enticing with just the right light crunch of the batter.  It was absolutely wicked tasty goodness. 

     It's simple really, the food is good because this pub and grill is a gastropub. There's an actual chef's menu with daily house-made evertying... not just line cooks frying and heating frozen foods.  The chef is Andres Camacho, who was trained at Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved to Tulsa about six years ago.  I'm glad he did. This place is cool and trendy as it is delicious. Friendly atmosphere with a knowledgeable staff. Visit this hot, drink and be merry. Cheers!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BRAVO!! BRAVO!! No, Really! Bravo's Mexican Grill...You'll Want It Again and Again and...

                                                                                                                                   O.M.G. Bravo's Mexican Grill ... traditional, FLAVORFUL with a slight upscale presentation, combining the visual appeal with the sense of taste and smell. 

     No wonder everyone was making such a fuss about this place...they had good reason!  The food was as authentic as my mother's. They use that same secret ingredient in their refried beans that my mom used. If you're familiar with Mexican food like I am, you know what it is.  And the flavor of the rice...seriously. Deep, rich, savory and earthy would be the best way to describe the food I had.  They use traditional Mexican cuisine cooking techniques such as that secret ingredient in the refried beans and the charring of the veggies. I can even tell they prepared the rice just like mom used to.

     I ordered several things and had my special little guest with me.  She ordered the cheese quesadilla with rice, from the kids menu. I ordered the Pollo Bravo, which consisted of grilled marinated chicken, topped with mushrooms, roasted poblano peppers, onions, and chipotle cheese sauce. It came with rice and beans. And these beans were better than any place I've ever tried in Tulsa. Hands down.

Pollo Bravo

 Chicken Quesadilla
     Next I ordered a carnita taco a la cart...can you see the juicy meat? Yes...yes you can! And the ancho chili sauce... we're talking packed and full of flay-vuh!!

     We finished our meal off with a taste of Churros Rellenos...they're Mexican churros topped with sugar and cinnamon, served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. It was cultured decadence at it's finest. Serious. Good. Eats.

      Bravo's Mexican Grill is pure Mexican cuisine authenticity with an upscale flare. Buen Provecho!!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Fu-Thai Sushi Bar...Luscious Asian Cuisine

 Okay, so, shame on me for visiting this amazing "hole in the wall" Thai, Chinese and Japanese fusion eatery, then not blogging about it for two months. This place was amazing. The owners were kind, the entire place (has three 1/2 levels) was super clean and, it has a small bar. Not too small...but I love a place that offers adult beverages.  

     I started with the classic "Thai Tea".  It's beautiful to look at as it is delicious.  I wish this place could serve it in a clear class, instead of the frosted soft-drink sponsored cup :-(  It starts out with the super sweet concentrated tea at the bottom, then topped off with cream. I know, I was giddy too.

     Next, I asked the owner Fue Kue, aka Daniel (he's the sushi chef) what was good on the menu.  He brought his wife, Chanda, out of the kitchen (she cooks the food) to answer my questions.  Thank goodness I arrived after the lunch rush.  I absolutely LOVE chatting with chefs and restaurateurs about their establishments. From the location, to their passion, their food...all of it.  Being an Asian cuisine junkie, I knew this place was going to be amazing.

     If you're familiar with my reviews, you know my philosophy of ethnic cuisine/restaurants. If there are people of the same ethnicity as the where the food derives, the food will be outstanding.  This restaurant had several Asian diners enjoying the food.

     I started with the Seaweed Salad with sesame oil. It was sweet, savory and good!

     Next, I ordered a sushi the way, I've never eaten at a restaurant with Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine and all of it rocked. Seriously.  The sushi roll was a spicy escolar with crab meat atop a sweet beautiful sauce, topped with a spicy aioli.

     I think in addition to sushi and sashimi, Thai cuisine is my equally favorite in Asian cuisine. So, I ordered the Pad Thai with pork.  It was among one of the best I've had in Tulsa. The flavor of the pork was savory and the dish itself tasted of the essence of umaminess.  For the record, I had to take home a doggy bag, no way could I eat all of this. I made three meals out of tasty.

     The interior was not what I expected based on what I saw of the exterior. It was a pleasant surprise.  They had a beer bar and it was pretty huge inside.  Lots of seating and three half levels up of seating, including a banquet room.

     Service was great, they were really friendly and accommodating.  It's that little hole in the wall you hear know, "a hole in the wall but the food was phenomenal" kind of place. I think it's great whether you're treating a client or having lunch/dinner with a friend.  Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!  Cheers :-)

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