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Anyone who doesn't have a good review about this place, doesn't know GOOD Mexican food from the Tex-Mex drive thru they're used to. I grew up with authentic Mexican food and this place brings Mexico to Tulsa, bar none. We're not comparing this place to out of state restaurants, I mean after all, we live in Tulsa. But I will say even for border town places neighboring Mexico, this place takes the whole enchilada...pun intended. More reviews on this place to come, with pics! Tacos El Rinconcito on Urbanspoon Tacos El Rinconcito on Urbanspoon

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Brasserie: classic French cookerie with an uptwist of Gen X creativeness!

It's classic, rich French cuisine freshly wrapped in modernized, clever, swank!
Sorry Brasserie, had to swipe a couple of photos because I fried my flash pun intended. When I dined there I started with the steak tartare, rich, classic and pure delectable goodness. I followed that with the crispy duck breast which was cooked to perfection. It's everything you might imagine a crisped duck breast should taste like, crispy savory on the outside, tender silk-like on the inside. My date had the steak frite and it was crazy delish! The meal continues to be THE hype topic, where my date, unfortunately, is not. Brasserie on Urbanspoon

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tip & Tune of the Day: List of 10 Super Foods for Your Diet & Jane's Addiction, "Super Hero"

10 Everyday Super Foods These easy-to-eat foods are packed with multiple nutrients to help you stay healthy. (continued) Top 10 Multitasking Super Foods:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oklahoma Joe's BBQ

First, it has to be said,  I wasn't a fan of waiting in line. The food wasn't bad at all and it had some pretty good flavor.  I wasn't really disappointed but I didn't appreciate having to stand in line, rather than be waited on at my table . The flavor was pretty good and the coleslaw was outstanding. I always say, try it and decide for yourself. Don't ever go by a food critic or food blogger's post because tastes vary.
My friend had the pulled pork sandwich and he loved it!

I had the ribs and thought they were tasty. All together, it was better than large "chain" BBQ joints and I'm  happy to support our locally owned restaurants :-)
Oklahoma Joe's BBQ on Urbanspoon

Back Alley Blues and BBQ...succulent, smokey goodness :-)

So I finally tried Back Alley Blues and BBQ, located downtown, in the heart of the Tulsa. The service was outstanding, greeted by friendly servers. The atmosphere is so fitting to the product. Soft lit with the aroma of delicious smoked food in the air...exactly what you'd expect from a "bluesy" BBQ place if done right.
My friend Michael and I split the four meat platter, which comes with two sides and Texas Toast. It was plentiful as it was delicious. (SIDE NOTE: if you're watching calories, having one Fried Tomato, no Texas Toast, portion of all four meats, I still met my daily caloric intake goal and ended the day with 400 calories left to spare, so it's diet friendly if you know how to eat the right foods.)We chose the salad and fried green tomatoes as the sides and for the meats, we chose Pulled Pork, Beer Can Chicken, Ribs, and smoked sausage. My test for a great BBQ place is always "does the meat fall off the rib bones?" and yes, it absolutely did...we're talking one scrape with the fork and the bone is shiny clean. They use just the right amount of wood when smoking because I picked up the smokey flavor, without that overpowering smokiness that some BBQ joints get in their food. You could taste the savoriness of the meats, the right amount of smokiness AND it was juicy, succulent and just pure meat heaven. Yes, I said meat heaven, what of it? :-) Back Alley Blues and BBQ on Urbanspoon

Friday, January 20, 2012

Farewell Etta James, you will be missed :'^(

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Etta James. A true music icon, she will be missed.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Braised Pork Cabbage Rolls w/ Cilantro-Jalapeno Pesto-by TrueFoodie

So, it's that time of year, trying to eat healthier to get this winter coat off already. Last night for dinner, I sauteed some left over braised pork and placed it atop of steamed green cabbage leaves.
I slightly steamed the cabbage leafs, just until they were tender enough to roll without breaking, and maintaining a beautiful color and cruch. I added the braised pork shoulder, which I'd already shredded in large chunks. Then, I ladled a home-made Cilantro-Jalapeno pesto sauce. Cilantro-Jalapeno Pesto Sauce: Into a food processor, goes a cup of torn cilantro, one medium sized fresh jalapeno, seeded, deveined and rinsed. A splash of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and sesame oil, two cloves of fresh garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Just drizzle that over the pork that you've nestled into the cabbage...grab that pork by wrapping that cabbage tightly, lifting to your watering mouth and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cajun Ed's Hebert's Specialty Meats

I heard about this place on a local radio station, so I decided to give it a whirl. The words "ah-yeeeee" kept entering my mind as the cajun aromas filled the air. The turducken and crawfish au gratin were savory and not only satisfied the appetite, but left you wanting more. The potato salad was beyond good. You can tell heart and soul goes into the preparation of the food. Happy friendly environment and all around great service!
Hebert's Specialty Meats on Urbanspoon

Boeuf Bourguignon with Wild Mushrooms - Marco Pierre White recipe video

Marco Pierre White, one of the first "rock star" chefs of his him!

Monday, January 9, 2012

RHAPSODY GRUB OF THE DAY: Absolutely Delicious Baked Root Vegetables w/music by The Roots!

Absolutely Delicious Baked Root Vegetables The Roots

Friday, January 6, 2012

Top Eatery of the Week: Duke's Southern Kitchen

First, I have to give thanks and props to the great staff and friends at Duke's for a great night. It's always a pleasure to dine in an establishment where the entire staff is passionate about the food and menu. So, Chef Ramiro,David, & Candace, thank so much for an phenomenal experience and all around great time.
We started with the Avery Island Wedge salad...anointed with smooth, creamy buttermilk blue cheese dressing, savory cornmeal croutons and topped with spicy Tabasco fried onion hay. The creaminess of the dressing, coolness of the lettuce and that contrasting texture the croutons and onion hay added made it pure heaven.
Next, we inhaled the Shrimp & Grits, made with REAL stone-ground cheddar grits, creole spice rub, roasted hominy, and red pepper succotash...we couldn't stop eating it. We meant to, really we did, but before we knew it, it was devoured and gone!
We followed all of that deliciousness with the Hoecake Sliders, created with savory, juicy pulled pork and spicy peach glaze.
Just when we thought we were through, David, the manager, brought out this delicious NEW menu creation from Chef Ramiro. It's a pumpkin squash soup, made with shrimp, oysters, cream and habanero chili peppers, just to name a few of the ingredients. I don't even know where to begin to describe this velvety paradise that greeted my palate oh so joyfully. Serious, savory, creamy, silk-like goodness. Look out for our blog in the near future, Chef Ramiro will be one of the first Chef video interviews we'll be posting.
Duke's Southern Food on Urbanspoon Bixby 10441 S Regal Blvd Tulsa, OK 74133 PH: 918-364-3863

Thursday, January 5, 2012

RHAPSODY GRUB OF THE DAY: Stone Ground Nachos w/Smoked Meat & Stoney LaRue

I had the idea to post this after seeing Stoney LaRue on Top Chef last night...enjoy!
and Stoney LaRue!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RHAPSODY GRUB OF THE DAY: Stuffed Red Hot Chili Peppers with RHCP!

Find the recipe at
Red Hot Chili Peppers "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"

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