Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back Alley Blues and BBQ...succulent, smokey goodness :-)

So I finally tried Back Alley Blues and BBQ, located downtown, in the heart of the Tulsa. The service was outstanding, greeted by friendly servers. The atmosphere is so fitting to the product. Soft lit with the aroma of delicious smoked food in the air...exactly what you'd expect from a "bluesy" BBQ place if done right.
My friend Michael and I split the four meat platter, which comes with two sides and Texas Toast. It was plentiful as it was delicious. (SIDE NOTE: if you're watching calories, having one Fried Tomato, no Texas Toast, portion of all four meats, I still met my daily caloric intake goal and ended the day with 400 calories left to spare, so it's diet friendly if you know how to eat the right foods.)We chose the salad and fried green tomatoes as the sides and for the meats, we chose Pulled Pork, Beer Can Chicken, Ribs, and smoked sausage. My test for a great BBQ place is always "does the meat fall off the rib bones?" and yes, it absolutely did...we're talking one scrape with the fork and the bone is shiny clean. They use just the right amount of wood when smoking because I picked up the smokey flavor, without that overpowering smokiness that some BBQ joints get in their food. You could taste the savoriness of the meats, the right amount of smokiness AND it was juicy, succulent and just pure meat heaven. Yes, I said meat heaven, what of it? :-) Back Alley Blues and BBQ on Urbanspoon

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