Monday, September 30, 2013

BaconFest Tulsa 2013...A Festival of a Foodie Kind. Oink! Oink!

A foodie benefit for the Nightingale needed a new roof badly!

My first stop was at Deco Restaurant Group, these guys were awesome. They were busy but took two seconds to pose anyway. PS, their Bacon Fudge Brownie w/Maple Glaze was UH-MAY-Ziiiiinnng! (aka "amazing" for those that don't speak foodie).                       
Chefs Jonathon & Cameron with Deco Restaurant Group

Deco Restaurant Group's Bacon Fudge Brownie w/Maple Glaze (yes, I took a bite before taking a snapshot...oops.)

Ann's Bakery-chocolate cupcakes with a maple icing and bacon.

To the left is Brian Biehl, owner of The Alley Gastropub.
3324 E 31st St Tulsa, OK 74135
They represented with a
house-made focaccia topped with goat cheese and house-made bacon jam. I can't wait to visit your restaurant. After checking out your website, I can tell it's  fabulous and as a "True Foodie" I WILL appreciate your menu immensely!
Alley Tulsa Gastro Pub's house-made focaccia topped with goat cheese and house-made bacon jam, yes BACON JAM!!! Savory and decadent.

Chef Brandon Wassom and a busy helper of 
McNellie's. They served up a Bacon-Stilton Cheesecake w/baby spinach greens, and a warm bacon-mustard dressing. It was absolute creamy, savory awesomeness. I loved the originality of your dish. 
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Bacon-Stilton Cheesecake w/baby spinach greens, and a warm bacon-mustard dressing.



Next I tried Dugan Jack's Beans & BBQ Smokehouse. They're located in Sapulpa.
2713 E. Taft, Sapulpa, OK
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Don't be fooled by their sweet faces...they make a MEAN tender BBQ Beef (see below) They took 1st place and winners of the official Boss Hog of BaconFest 2013 award!
 I chose the beef...look at that succulent beefy goodness. It literally melted in my mouth. Can't wait to visit their restaurant too!

The guys from Imanashi Enterprises, serving up Mild Hatch Chili Chocolate Pudding Sorbet, candied bacon with coconut milk and pineapple water infused with applewood smoked bacon. This is Top Chef worthy stuff, they would've won the award for most original, in my book.

 Mild Hatch Chili Chocolate Pudding Sorbet

 Pineapple Water infused with Applewood Smoked Bacon

 Candied Bacon 


Next, Blue Ox  Dining Group represented here as well. This booth was Back Alley BBQ, they served up bacon wrapped baked dates stuffed with blue cheese and smoked almonds. It's one of my favorite football foods to make. I usually stuff mine with cream cheese and pureed jalapenos. Theirs was really, REALLY good.
Bacon-wrapped Baked Dates stuffed with Blue Cheese & Smoked Almonds

Kupcakz was present and serving up some sweets that would buh-low your mind (foodie-nese lingo).  Like them on Facebook


The  Rusty Crane served up Bacon Brittle. Good stuff.

The Rusty Crane- Bacon Brittle

Other vendors included 2 Chefs on Wheels, Andolini's Pizzeria, Baxter's Interurban Grill, Fassler Hall, Joe Momma's Pizza, Josh's Sho Shack, Smoke on Cherry Street, The Phoenix Cafe, The Tavern, Legend's Catering, and Archer.

The lines on some vendors were too long to wait. I had things to do and a daughter's very special birthday to celebrate. I appreciate those that took time to visit with me and pose for photos. All in all, it was an absolutely gorgeous day for this tremendous foodie/benefit.  Proceeds from this event benefited the Nightingale Theater for a new, very much needed, roof. I love that Tulsans' support our arts and that as Tulsans, we recognize the importance of supporting our community.

Bon appetit...oink, oink!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hideaway Pizza, A Slice of History in Oklahoma

I've had Hideaway Pizza, but this is my first blog reviewing it. It's pretty good, the best part about it is the history and longevity it has in Oklahoma.

I knew there was a long, awesome history, so I researched it, and according to Wikipedia,
Hideaway Pizza restaurant originally opened in 1957 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Its original location is located in Stillwater, close to the Oklahoma State University campus.
In 1993 the restaurant started opening locations outside of Stillwater. Currently, there are 4 locations in the Oklahoma City area, 1 in Edmond, 5 locations in the Tulsa area, 1 in Broken Arrow, and one in Norman.

I actually got this order to go. When I showed up, the staff was really nice, friendly and efficient. There was absolutely no wait and I arrived exactly 15 minutes, when they said it'd be ready, and it was! 
I ordered the original, hand-tossed pepperoni pizza and garlic knots. The sauce is on the sweet side, the crust was as you expect a hand-tossed crust to be, chewy and bready...super yum. The garlic knots were superb, they weren't too greasy nor overpowering with the garlic flavor. They were really were perfect. From the dough texture to the flavor. The dipping sauce was fresh, extremely fresh tasting.
Garlic Knots with marinara...yes, it tastes as good as it looks. Fresh not too greasy and the garlic was not overpowering. The sauce...oh the sauce was delicioso!

Pepperoni Pizza with hand-tossed crust.

I'm not a fan of chains, even if they are local because I feel like product suffers when there are too many locations. Even though it doesn't seem to suffer to greatly here, the pizza was okay...not phenomenal.  On the positive side, the pizza, while not phenomenal, it is good, the garlic knots are great, service is awesome.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

White River Fish Market and Restaurant Brings The Coastal Goodness to Tulsa!

White River Fish Market and Restaurant literally brings the coast to Tulsa. With fresh fish, crab, lobster and a restaurant with pride in food preparation, it makes me sad I haven't been in sooner.  

White River Fish Market and Restaurant is located in North Tulsa. It spews heart-felt Tulsa history and the food and fresh fish market is legendary.  I was really hungry and decided to eat out for lunch. My boss had just gone there the week before and described the deliciousness he had for lunch, so I decided to give it whirl. Instead, it took me for a whirl, a whirlwind of fresh, coastal goodness. Although I did NOT see it on the menu, I asked if I could order a fried-oyster sandwich with hushpuppies and the gentleman behind the counter said "Of course!", so that's what I ordered. 

As I waited for my order, which took five minutes (and they were packed), I looked across the large dining area (family, cafeteria-style)  and saw the fresh fish market. Everything looked beyond fresh and the prices for both the food and market were less than the competition.  This is a great place for lunch and I did see mostly business attire which means it's a great place for a business meeting. It's not a romantic place but it is business, family-like atmosphere and pricing. I believe the lower over-read might be the reason they can charge less than the other locally owned fish markets and seafood 
restaurants in town.
Below is the fried oyster sandwich with hushpuppies and salad. The oysters were bursting with flavor. They were juicy, fresh and amazing. The breading was not overpowering but rather added a home-cooked goodness. The hushpuppies...oh those hushpuppies. They were everything you WISH they would always taste like and, with a hint of spicy. Just a little kick of heat (you can see the peppers). This was, without a doubt, THE best tasting oyster sandwich I've ever had, anywhere. The cocktail sauce is house-made too and it  was also bursting with can almost taste each ingredient separately.

 Fried Oyster Sandwich with salad and hushpuppies-cost me under $10 :-)

THE best place for business or family-style dining, with family-style, home-cooked prices. Amazing fresh seafood, who would've thought it was possible in Tulsa, OK? It was so fresh and delicious I felt like I was in the east coast, like somewhere in Maryland, maybe a soon to be fan of the O's and started craving a Natty Boh to wash down the oyster sandwich amazingness. Cheers!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kilkenny's Irish Pub...Erin Go Bragh! (Ireland forever)

I've been to Kilkenny's Irish Pub before but have yet to review it, until now.  I've met the owners from my former days as a radio rep and they're lovely people. On to the saucy goodness of our breakfast visit at Kilkenny's.

Located in the heart of Cherry Street, Kilkenny's Irish Pub is almost a tourist attraction because of the delicious authenticity of the food.  We were greeted by a smiling face and seated immediately.  Our server, Erin and the manager on duty were sweet and accommodating. My friend ordered The Irish Breakfast Boxty and I ordered the Kilmacow Benny.... My mouth is watering just looking at the photo and recalling the flavors as I blog.

Below is The Irish Breakfast friend Michael ordered this one but all of my friends and family know, if you eat with me, you're giving me a taste of your food. I'll share too though so it's a win-win :-)  The Irish Breakfast Boxy is Irish sausage, Irish bacon, Irish cheddar in a three egg Irish omelette wrapped in a traditional Irish potato pancake. It's topped with Irish hollandaise sauce...can you see it? Mmm, potatoes and hollandaise sauce. Oh, it's also served with a side of fresh Irish fruit. I didn't try the fruit, but it looked fresh and good. 
The Irish Breakfast Boxty-Irish sausage, bacon, cheddar in a three egg Irish omelette wrapped in a traditional Irish potato pancake, drizzled with 
Irish hollandaise sauce.-$10.99

And I had the Kilmacow's grilled sirloin, topped with homemade Irish whiskey mushroom sauce. The grilled sirloin tasted more like it was braised rather than grilled because it literally melted in my mouth. It was meaty, juicy and the Irish whiskey sauce was like a buttery, whiskey, beefy gravy. It was good.
Kilmacow Benny-Grilled sirloin, topped with homemade 
Irish whiskey mushroom sauce- $9.99

They have a HUGE selection of wines, spirits and cocktails.The place is large, and has a couple of private party areas that are used as the regular part of the restaurant unless they're reserved. The entire restaurant from the bar to the last room is cozy, soft-lit and well, Irishy and Gaelic like.
 It's a great place to meet up with a small or large group of friends...whether you belly up to the bar or sit at a table and share in some good conversation and delicious food.  
Chun do shláinte!

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