Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blue Moon of Tulsa, Keep on a Shinin'!: Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe

Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe is one of those restaurants that makes you wonder what the "cafe" role is in this eatery. I mean, "bakery" gives you an idea, but is it a sandwich shop, bagel shop that only makes sandwiches or what? The "what" was the enticement to try it out. I'm oh sooooo glad we did!

I've never eaten in a place like this in Tulsa. Made me homesick for my hometown in Orange County, California. You order at the counter, like most bagel shops, except when you're looking at the menu, you realize it's NOTHING like your ordinary coffee/bagel shop. Well, there are bagels to choose from, but you can have them topped with things like smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers. And, there's more. Below is the "Chile Verde con Huevos...brace yourself, served over the most flavorful slow-cooked pork in green chili sauce I've ever tasted. 

 chili verde con huevos 9.95 
two eggs any style over slow cooked pork in green chili sauce served with flour tortillas.

They also carry a pretty decent beer, wine and spirits selection. Yep, that's a mimosa to the right...went GREAT with that slow cooked pork in green chili sauce.

Blue Moon Bakery & Cafe has a lot of variety, but not too much so that the end product's ALL good.  Best way to describe the menu is a food party, and all invited guests met and shook hands... bagel/sandwich shop meets, Mexico, meets American, meets wine & cocktail bar.  Service is friendly, fast and the food is just beyond foodgasm goodness.

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