Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bohemia: Moveable Feast Caterers...Life Changing Eats from The Big Purple Food Truck!

I can't even look at this photo whilst blogging about it without my mouth watering like a waterfall. So happy I opted for Bohemia: Moveable Feast Caterers Food Truck!

We tried two items, The Mambo Italiano and the beignets. The Mambo Italiano is nothing short of winning the mouth lottery. The eggs are poached PERFECT, and it's made with spicy Italian sausage, fresh spinach and the smoothest, most velvety liquid silk aka hollandaise sauce. All served a top a whole wheat flat-bread, that has been grilled in savory butter.

The beignets were a puffy cloud-like carb, doughy, sweet heaven. The outside was slightly golden and crisp, and the inside, soft like a fresh doughnut. It was light, fluffy with a slight sweetness. Not greasy at all, and topped with powdered sugar, which brought out the full flavor of the actual beignet. 

Outside of her food truck, owner of Bohemia: Moveable Feast Caterers, Teri Fermo has a short description of her history as a chef, including the fact that she is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. She also states her passion for food enhanced when she spent time in Paris and then the Philippines. I researched this business and found an amazing write up on Teri by Brian Schwartz, an author on Here's a link to read up on Teri Fermo, her story is interesting and well-written by Brian.

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