Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bohemia: Moveable Feast Caterers...Life Changing Eats from The Big Purple Food Truck!

I can't even look at this photo whilst blogging about it without my mouth watering like a waterfall. So happy I opted for Bohemia: Moveable Feast Caterers Food Truck!

We tried two items, The Mambo Italiano and the beignets. The Mambo Italiano is nothing short of winning the mouth lottery. The eggs are poached PERFECT, and it's made with spicy Italian sausage, fresh spinach and the smoothest, most velvety liquid silk aka hollandaise sauce. All served a top a whole wheat flat-bread, that has been grilled in savory butter.

The beignets were a puffy cloud-like carb, doughy, sweet heaven. The outside was slightly golden and crisp, and the inside, soft like a fresh doughnut. It was light, fluffy with a slight sweetness. Not greasy at all, and topped with powdered sugar, which brought out the full flavor of the actual beignet. 

Outside of her food truck, owner of Bohemia: Moveable Feast Caterers, Teri Fermo has a short description of her history as a chef, including the fact that she is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. She also states her passion for food enhanced when she spent time in Paris and then the Philippines. I researched this business and found an amazing write up on Teri by Brian Schwartz, an author on Here's a link to read up on Teri Fermo, her story is interesting and well-written by Brian.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fuji, Tulsa's ORIGINAL Authentic Sushi Restaurant...Keepin' It Real, One Roll at a Time!



     Fuji is Tulsa's original sushi restaurant. It's fresh, authentic and the service is top notch.  

     At the end of the day, sushi in Tulsa is fish that's flown in since we're not coastal. If you want to take your family or a date, where you can actually hear your conversation, Fuji is THE place to go. If what you're looking for is a loud, hip, party atmosphere or cheap, all-you-can-eat sushi, there are other restaurants that cater to those type of needs. Fuji is pure, sushi goodness that stays true to what I believe the Japanese people intended it to be. Here's to Fuji, for keepin' it real...乾杯!(cheers!)

 Yes! My friend and I often order this BOAT-load of goodness. There's usually left-overs for round two...ding, ding!

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The "Wild Fork...You Make My Mouth Roar!"

Whether you're wanting to impress a client, a first date, or anyone for that matter, 
The Wild Fork is THE restaurant that will not only wow those you're trying to woo, it'll make them want to come back for more! Here's to hoping you're with them when they do...cheers!

     I visit Wild Fork quite often and have never had a bad meal there...I can NOT say the same when it comes to chain restaurants. The lunch prices are very competitive for the type of food they serve. The atmosphere is perfect for business meetings and during dinner service, it's also a very romantic place to cozy up and partake in a delicious glass of wine and exquisite cuisine. Their Italian stuffed bread is THE starter I order for lunch when wanting to impress a client. One of my favorite dinner dishes is the duck with a creamy risotto. I don't think they have that specific dish any longer but it was amazing.There is absolutely nothing that I dislike on their menu and most everyone that I know, that frequents Wild Fork always has a hard time choosing because we love it all.

Lentil & Feta Cheese Sandwich
On toasted flatbread with humus, spinach, tomato and sprouts .... 9.95
       The Lentil & Feta Cheese Sandwich is not only satisfying, it's healthy and the flavor is oh so savory.

 Spicy Szechwan Stir Fry
Stir fried shiitake and domestic mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers, onions, edamame and carrots tossed with noodles in spicy sweet soy sauce .... 11.95

     I usually order this Spicy Szechwan Stir Fry with an extra order of veggies and omit the potatoes...but I think the potatoes would soak up that yummy sauce and make it unbearably divine.

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Fat Guy's Burger Bar: There Really Is More to Love!

If food could talk, this bad boy would be saying อเมริกัน / ไทยเบอร์เกอร์ฟิวชั่นที่ดีที่สุดคือ! Or, in good ol' American-English lingo, American/Thai burger fusion is the best!



     Serious, good eats! Friendly service, and as busy as they were, they had my to-go order out quick! Ah,the ride back to the office was a long, long ride as my mouth watered from the spicy, burger aromas. I love it when you say to the person taking  your order "Give me your best burger, I want one that EVERYONE raves about!" and the gal behind the counter IMMEDIATELY says, "you want the peanut butter and bacon probably also would love the Thai twist we put on it?" and I smiled as I nodded excitedly, "yes, YES PLEASE!"

     This Peanut Butter and Bacon DOUBLE MEAT burger is, without a doubt, great on it's own. The meat has so much flavor!  BUT, when they add fresh jalapenos, Thai chili paste, grilled pineapple AND have no idea what it does to one's soul. Actually, the whole burger was flavorful and each ingredient stood on it's own without individually taking over.  It's like the best Pad Thai dish crashed into the BEST American burger...EH-VER! I kept thinking about that old Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial, where the two kids collide, one eating from a container of peanut butter, and the other eating a candy bar? Yeah, only this was oh, so much better.  With awesome, friendly-with-a-smile, and quick service like that AND amazing tasting food, it's no wonder they're so busy.

Look at my double meat, bacon, cilantro, jalapeno, Thai chili paste, grilled pineapple, oozing peanut butter goodness :-)

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dilly Deli, It's the Freshizell of Foodizell!

The Biz

Ahi tuna steak medium rare with ginger soy glaze, bean sprouts, wasabi, & avocado served on stirato
     My first trip to Dilly Deli and I totally loved it. The good points of this locally owned restaurant is the food is fresh, it's a casual environment and did I mention the food is fresh? I ordered  The Biz, which is Ahi tuna steak, medium rare with a ginger soy glaze...the bean sprouts and avocado added such a burst of fresh flavor, it was great.

     Okay, now for some constructive criticism...The staff needs to get a smile on their face. It's great to be greeted with a hello, but a smile accompanying that greeting would be nice. I didn't get that from the hostess nor the bartender, which is where one places to go orders.

     Also, while the food really was good overall, the Ahi tuna was way too bland and needed some spice like salt or something to bring out the flavor, this had NO seasoning at all. As a foodie, one thing I've learned from conversing with chefs, is that the ingredients that make up a dish, must be able to stand on their own as well as mingle with the other ingredients in harmony so there isn't one flavor over-powering another. But again, over all the bread was fresh, the ingredients were all very fresh and it was a good sandwich.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thumbs Up on Bravo's Newest Series Eat, Drink, Love


     Whether you're a foodie, a bartender, server, food critic, or up and coming chef...this is the show for you.  As a lover/aficionado of all things food and mixology drinks, I can honestly say this show envelopes all of the food industry interests. A little drama, but lots and lots of food and restaurant talk. It's as informative on the L.A. scene restaurants and chefs as it is the food. If you're planning a trip to L.A. anytime soon, this show will direct you to the hottest eateries in town.  

     The show premiered on Sunday, August 11th and is scheduled to run six episodes, with the season finale on Sunday, September 15th. You can catch every Sunday on BravoTV at 9pm/8pm.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Local Table Food Truck...Seek and Ye' Shall Find!

The Local Table Food Truck

 I searched and found this precious food truck. It took me, four, maybe five seconds to order as soon as my eyes fixated on this menu item ...Braised Short Rib Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Blue Cheese Sauce. And at lunch prices, why would anyone NOT try this out? No, seriously, someone please tell me ;-)

 Hi, can you see my savory goodness throughout the meat? I taste good...REALLY, REALLY good.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hodges Bend, The Cool Points are Out the Window and You've Got Me All Twisted Up in the Game :-)

The Cradle of Life
Serious. Mixology. Goodness. Great atmosphere and diverse social scene. Noah, Ian and the gang are the additives to what keeps patrons frequenting this down-to-earth, yet poshie hang-out. Me likey :-)

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