Sunday, December 22, 2013

Smoke. On Cherry Street is Serious.Good.Eats.

Smoke. on Cherry Street...I can NOT believe I have not blogged on this upscale smokehouse as of yet.  I had a business lunch there sometime back and then, just last night (December 21st, 2013) I had a glass of Malbec wine and a starter...the Roasted Bone Marrow.

     It's been almost a year since that lunch meeting, but I recall what we had and it doesn't hurt I had taken photos :-)

 Tomato Bisque-CREAMY, VELVET-TEE Goodness!

 Lamb Sliders-$13

 Beer-battered Salmon (not sure if this is on the 2013 menu any longer, but it should be!)

Roasted Bone Marrow - $15

     I ate at the bar and ordered a lovely Amalaya Malbec. The bartender was Jesse...he was cool, friendly and gave great service.  I can't believe I haven't made this place a's literally walking distance from my place. I plan on trying everything on that's definitely Top Chef worthy eats!

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Bruhouse Grill in Broken Arrow...Stay Hungry My Friends :-)


Bruhouse Grill in Broken Arrow...Stay Hungry My Friends :-)



     Ah, the Bruhouse Grill, how I've missed you so!!  This is owned and operated by ONE of the former owners of the Bruhouse Bar & Grill that was once on Brookside, Travis Bruton. He's one of my favorite people and I'm so happy to see he's relocated, relaunched and doing great.

     I picked my dinner guest up from school and the first thing she said was, "I'm hungry!".  So I told her I'd take her to see my old friend Travis at his new restaurant.  This place is HUGE. Has plenty of restaurant space on one side and through another room is a HUGE bar area with extra booths in addition to the large, beautiful bar.  He's already granted me a future interview at which I'll take plenty of indoor photos.  For now, let's move on to the food, shall we?  

     We ordered sweet potato fries for starters, my Tessa Bear had not EVER tried sweet potato fries so we decided to give 'em a whirl.  They were DEEE-lish!  They were fried perfectly, not too greasy, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and sprinkled/fried with rosemary.
     Next, I ordered the lobster ravioli, which comes with a side and I chose a small Caesar salad.  My lil guest ordered off the kids' menu (as she should, she just turned 6) and opted for cheeseburger and house fries, of which I sampled the tiniest amount of each.

     The dressing on the caesar salad was delicious and lettuce was crips and fresh.  The pasta was thick and cooked to perfection, sauce was flavorful.  The house made fries were also cooked just right, not soggy, and salted to perfection and the cheeseburger was yummy and satisfying.  Service was pretty good, and friendly as expected at any of Travis' establishments.  

     I really didn't experience any downside, except that I live on Cherry St. and I sure wish this place was there rather than Broken Arrow. But I am glad that Broken Arrow has a cool little joint like this. It's family oriented, yet looks like it could be fun with adult beverages on a date night out.  Downtown Broken Arrow is being renovated and I love the quaint small-town feel.  If you don't have a positive experience at Bruhouse Grill, give it a chance...after all, a new place usually needs a good six months to get it down right.  

     Look at this happy face...she had crayons, good food, eh hem, awesome company, and a great time all around :-) 

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brookside By Day, aka BBD...II!

     I never even knew they made cinnamon rolls...until now. This thing was HUGE. I took a slice, my nephew took a slice and the rest stayed behind...too big to finish!!

     I take my younger nieces and nephews to a birthday dinner each year, usually anywhere they choose.  So I ask my nephew, Preston, "Where we going?"  He chooses brunch instead of dinner and immediately insists on BBD II.  I was so happy he did...especially after tasting, what used to seem like such a simple type of food, and now I view as the ultimate yummyness of brunch.
 Homemade, bready, soft, doughy, oozing sweet goodness. Big enough for 4!!... $4.50

 This might seem like a simple cheeseburger, but the meat is juicy, flavorful and just pure American good food.

 Basic Murrito (scrambled eggs, sausage, green onions & cheddar wrapped in
a flour tortilla & served with fresh guacamole, sour cream, picante & home fries)...$8.50

 One happy 15 year old lil camper & birthday boy :-)

Service was fast and friendly, food...awesome. For the best American food, BBD on Brookside and BBD II on 81st & Harvard is THE ultimate in lunch/brunch American cuisine.

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India Palace...Tulsa's Royalty of Indian Cuisine!!

The food is what you think would be served in an actual palace in India.  The buffet serves up some of the classics of Indian cuisine.  I've been coming here for years and don't know why I've waited this long to blog on it!

     I love it when I ask a server about a food item and they have this look that comes over them as if to say "Ah, a foodie stands before me."  Because they not only tell you about the dish in which you inquired, they recommend what to pair it with, what sauce to use, etc.  PS. Their tamarind sauce is out of this world.

     You're greeted with a friendly smile, seated immediately and service is outstanding. Whether you choose the buffet or order from the menu. They constantly watch for expressions, coming to your aid for assistance and keeping your glasses full of the beverage you chose and the water.  Love this place.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanks! You Rock!!

For making True Foodie Sound Bites the #3 Food Blog on Urbanspoon Tulsa!!


Friday, December 6, 2013

Mexicali Border Cafe...The Homemade Salsa is the Star of the Show!

Mexicali Border Cafe serves up decent Tex-Mex food.  A slight hint of Mexican authenticity,  mixed with the Americanized cheesy, saucey-ness that makes it Tex-Mex. Mediocre food, excellent service.

     My boss treated us to lunch on a cold, snowy day. Entering this place with the rich aromas and warmth that Mexican food has to offer made weathering the outside cold temperatures to get to this cozy little eatery tolerable.

Shredded Pork served in two White Corn Tortillas with Pickled Cabbage,
Pico de Gallo and Your Choice of Tomatillo Sauce or Chipotle Sauce.
Served with Rice and Borracho Beans.

A Thick Creamy Soup with Chunks of Chicken, Diced Tomatoes, Avocado and Mixed Cheese.

Beef Tamale smothered in chili and cheese.

     What made this place so good was the weather...anytime it's snowy, icy, and cold, we tend to crave comfort foods.  It's not my first choice in Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine, but it's okay. I'm not a fan of covering up what should be good food, with sauces, cheese, etc.  The tamale was overcooked, to the point that not even the chili and cheese could hide that fact or make it soft.  Service really was outstanding. Our server kept our beverages capped off and we were seated, waited on, and served quickly. Oh, and it has to be said, the salsa that is served complimentary with the chips (we had both mild and EXTRA spicy) was outstanding. It was the freshest and tastiest thing on the menu.

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