Tuesday, December 17, 2013

India Palace...Tulsa's Royalty of Indian Cuisine!!

The food is what you think would be served in an actual palace in India.  The buffet serves up some of the classics of Indian cuisine.  I've been coming here for years and don't know why I've waited this long to blog on it!

     I love it when I ask a server about a food item and they have this look that comes over them as if to say "Ah, a foodie stands before me."  Because they not only tell you about the dish in which you inquired, they recommend what to pair it with, what sauce to use, etc.  PS. Their tamarind sauce is out of this world.

     You're greeted with a friendly smile, seated immediately and service is outstanding. Whether you choose the buffet or order from the menu. They constantly watch for expressions, coming to your aid for assistance and keeping your glasses full of the beverage you chose and the water.  Love this place.

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