Saturday, September 28, 2013

White River Fish Market and Restaurant Brings The Coastal Goodness to Tulsa!

White River Fish Market and Restaurant literally brings the coast to Tulsa. With fresh fish, crab, lobster and a restaurant with pride in food preparation, it makes me sad I haven't been in sooner.  

White River Fish Market and Restaurant is located in North Tulsa. It spews heart-felt Tulsa history and the food and fresh fish market is legendary.  I was really hungry and decided to eat out for lunch. My boss had just gone there the week before and described the deliciousness he had for lunch, so I decided to give it whirl. Instead, it took me for a whirl, a whirlwind of fresh, coastal goodness. Although I did NOT see it on the menu, I asked if I could order a fried-oyster sandwich with hushpuppies and the gentleman behind the counter said "Of course!", so that's what I ordered. 

As I waited for my order, which took five minutes (and they were packed), I looked across the large dining area (family, cafeteria-style)  and saw the fresh fish market. Everything looked beyond fresh and the prices for both the food and market were less than the competition.  This is a great place for lunch and I did see mostly business attire which means it's a great place for a business meeting. It's not a romantic place but it is business, family-like atmosphere and pricing. I believe the lower over-read might be the reason they can charge less than the other locally owned fish markets and seafood 
restaurants in town.
Below is the fried oyster sandwich with hushpuppies and salad. The oysters were bursting with flavor. They were juicy, fresh and amazing. The breading was not overpowering but rather added a home-cooked goodness. The hushpuppies...oh those hushpuppies. They were everything you WISH they would always taste like and, with a hint of spicy. Just a little kick of heat (you can see the peppers). This was, without a doubt, THE best tasting oyster sandwich I've ever had, anywhere. The cocktail sauce is house-made too and it  was also bursting with can almost taste each ingredient separately.

 Fried Oyster Sandwich with salad and hushpuppies-cost me under $10 :-)

THE best place for business or family-style dining, with family-style, home-cooked prices. Amazing fresh seafood, who would've thought it was possible in Tulsa, OK? It was so fresh and delicious I felt like I was in the east coast, like somewhere in Maryland, maybe a soon to be fan of the O's and started craving a Natty Boh to wash down the oyster sandwich amazingness. Cheers!

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