Monday, September 2, 2013

Cafe Olé, Seriously Delicioso!

A big thanks to my sister for treating me to this culinary gem. I'm still asking myself why I hadn't been to this place to eat until now. Yes, it's been around for almost 30 years, and it's under NEW ownership, so what better time to try than now. Let's just say after this trip, it won't be my last. 

We started with the Olé Chile Con Queso (not pictured). It is THE staple item on the menu and one that EVERYONE raves about...with good reason. It's their secret recipe of melted Monterey Jack, cream cheese, peppers, onions and spices. It's velvety silk goodness.

The entire staff is amazing as well. Greeted with a smile from the server to the chef preparing the meal. We sat inside and I was facing the kitchen window. The chef kept looking at us to see our reaction as we enjoyed the fruits of his labor. My sister ordered the Soft Tacos, which were stuffed with melted Monterey Jack cheese, and her choice of chicken, which was all folded in soft, yellow and blue tortillas and topped with Ranchero sauce. Other protein choices include shredded beef, pork or veggies.
 Soft Tacos- $9.50
Two soft tacos stuffed with melted Monterey Jack cheese and your choice of shredded beef, chicken, pork, or veggies, folded in yellow and blue corn tortillas and topped with Ranchero sauce.

I opted for the Olé Quesadillas, which are the Quesadillas with added protein. My choice of protein was the pork. Other added choices to this item includes chicken, beef or even veggies.  You can tell the meats are either marinated for a day or two or slow cooked all day, the day before because the flavor was all the way through the meat.
Olé Quesadillas- $8
Monterey Jack cheese, melted between whole wheat tortillas and served with Chile Verde sauce, plus shredded pork (shown above)

As I mentioned previously, this is under new ownership. Regardless of your initial experience, you're a fool if you don't revisit this awesome place with great patio ambiance. I give this place two "Ranchero sauced" thumbs up!

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