Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hideaway Pizza, A Slice of History in Oklahoma

I've had Hideaway Pizza, but this is my first blog reviewing it. It's pretty good, the best part about it is the history and longevity it has in Oklahoma.

I knew there was a long, awesome history, so I researched it, and according to Wikipedia,
Hideaway Pizza restaurant originally opened in 1957 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Its original location is located in Stillwater, close to the Oklahoma State University campus.
In 1993 the restaurant started opening locations outside of Stillwater. Currently, there are 4 locations in the Oklahoma City area, 1 in Edmond, 5 locations in the Tulsa area, 1 in Broken Arrow, and one in Norman.

I actually got this order to go. When I showed up, the staff was really nice, friendly and efficient. There was absolutely no wait and I arrived exactly 15 minutes, when they said it'd be ready, and it was! 
I ordered the original, hand-tossed pepperoni pizza and garlic knots. The sauce is on the sweet side, the crust was as you expect a hand-tossed crust to be, chewy and bready...super yum. The garlic knots were superb, they weren't too greasy nor overpowering with the garlic flavor. They were really were perfect. From the dough texture to the flavor. The dipping sauce was fresh, extremely fresh tasting.
Garlic Knots with marinara...yes, it tastes as good as it looks. Fresh not too greasy and the garlic was not overpowering. The sauce...oh the sauce was delicioso!

Pepperoni Pizza with hand-tossed crust.

I'm not a fan of chains, even if they are local because I feel like product suffers when there are too many locations. Even though it doesn't seem to suffer to greatly here, the pizza was okay...not phenomenal.  On the positive side, the pizza, while not phenomenal, it is good, the garlic knots are great, service is awesome.

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