Friday, September 20, 2013

The Phoenix, a HUGE Resurrection Piece of the Pearl District Pie!

The Phoenix, one of many new businesses of Tulsa business man and city councilor of district 4, Blake Ewing. Okay, as much of a fan as I am of our rock star chefs, Blake is next on the list. He's a member of our community that has made a true investment and positive impact on our great city.  The Phoenix is part of Ewing's Blue Ox Dining Group, which includes Back Alley, Boomtown Tees, Joe Momma's, Max Retropub and the most recent, Legend's Dance Hall.

The Phoenix is a sandwich/coffee/full service bar suh-weet lil hangout... okay, not so little, it's actually quite roomy.  It's in a great location, right in the heart of The Pearl District (TU/Kendall-Whittier district).  Like downtown Tulsa, this area was once a dying district...but thanks to business peeps like Blake Ewing, The Phoenix is a huge part of resurrecting this area of town and Tulsa all together. Hm, resurrection, Phoenix...I see the connection :-)
I love the atmosphere and who doesn't love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. I mean c'mon, they get their coffee beans that are roasted locally from Endo's Roastery in Stillwater, OK...does it get any richer than that? No, I don't think so.  And since you're reading this review on MY blog, The Phoenix is also locally owned, naturally.  

The music playing throughout this cozy eatery is American Standard Swing/Jazz. Lots of Frank Sinatra which for me, gives it a cozy feel. I think it's a GREAT place for a first date, or second, get the point. And I love The Phoenix is a certain type of eatery that is trending huge right now. Coffee shops that also offer a full service bar...that's genius enough, but when food is added to this mix, well, it's just pure Einstein.

Okay, on to the food!  I ordered the The Swiss Family Robinson, which is a turkey and swiss panini on grilled whole wheat bread. They use Boar’s Head meats and cheeses...serious, sandwich/deli yummy-ness. All sandwiches come with chips but they offer an upgrade with the purchase of a sandwich.  Rather than chips, you can add  any sides on the menu for just $1. Total great value. For my side, I chose the Homemade Mac & Cheese...yay for fall weather and the best of comfort foods for the soul :-)
   The Swiss Family Robinson - 8.95
turkey and swiss panini on grilled whole wheat bread 
w/upgraded side choice of Homemade Mac & Cheese, $1.95 ala carte or 
$1 w/sandwich purchase.

They offer a nice variety of breakfast & lunch items as well as healthy choices, from fruit parfaits to healthy wraps, veggies & dips, even hummus...ah hummus.  Service is fast and super's just a cool place to hang out, eat, read and/or socialize. Click on the UrbanSpoon link below to visit their website. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for events and happenings you won't wanna miss. Cheers!

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  1. Takes forever to get a simple turkey sandwich, and its just that - a turkey sandwich. Ive tried Phoenix's food three times.... dont waste your time because thats what its going to take a lot of your 'time' to get a silly turkey sandwich, nothing fancy.... at all! Now, I will say Ive had a couple of good soups there!

  2. In my experience, they didn't take very long, the service was fast, they were friendly and the food was pretty good. But it's good to read about others' experiences...thanks for sharing :-)