Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kilkenny's Irish Pub...Erin Go Bragh! (Ireland forever)

I've been to Kilkenny's Irish Pub before but have yet to review it, until now.  I've met the owners from my former days as a radio rep and they're lovely people. On to the saucy goodness of our breakfast visit at Kilkenny's.

Located in the heart of Cherry Street, Kilkenny's Irish Pub is almost a tourist attraction because of the delicious authenticity of the food.  We were greeted by a smiling face and seated immediately.  Our server, Erin and the manager on duty were sweet and accommodating. My friend ordered The Irish Breakfast Boxty and I ordered the Kilmacow Benny.... My mouth is watering just looking at the photo and recalling the flavors as I blog.

Below is The Irish Breakfast friend Michael ordered this one but all of my friends and family know, if you eat with me, you're giving me a taste of your food. I'll share too though so it's a win-win :-)  The Irish Breakfast Boxy is Irish sausage, Irish bacon, Irish cheddar in a three egg Irish omelette wrapped in a traditional Irish potato pancake. It's topped with Irish hollandaise sauce...can you see it? Mmm, potatoes and hollandaise sauce. Oh, it's also served with a side of fresh Irish fruit. I didn't try the fruit, but it looked fresh and good. 
The Irish Breakfast Boxty-Irish sausage, bacon, cheddar in a three egg Irish omelette wrapped in a traditional Irish potato pancake, drizzled with 
Irish hollandaise sauce.-$10.99

And I had the Kilmacow's grilled sirloin, topped with homemade Irish whiskey mushroom sauce. The grilled sirloin tasted more like it was braised rather than grilled because it literally melted in my mouth. It was meaty, juicy and the Irish whiskey sauce was like a buttery, whiskey, beefy gravy. It was good.
Kilmacow Benny-Grilled sirloin, topped with homemade 
Irish whiskey mushroom sauce- $9.99

They have a HUGE selection of wines, spirits and cocktails.The place is large, and has a couple of private party areas that are used as the regular part of the restaurant unless they're reserved. The entire restaurant from the bar to the last room is cozy, soft-lit and well, Irishy and Gaelic like.
 It's a great place to meet up with a small or large group of friends...whether you belly up to the bar or sit at a table and share in some good conversation and delicious food.  
Chun do shláinte!

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