Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tokyo Garden...a Secret Little Garden of Deliciousness :-)

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING tastes better than farm-to-table food. And this hibachi-cooked food is THE original style in my eyes. You see them prepare your feast, right before your eyes. And the food is just pure, fresh, good AWESOMENESS.

Tokyo Garden has a full-service bar. You can sit at the bar or, at the table for the show. They start you out with a salad and your choice of miso or onion soup. The menu offers ample choices of sushi, calamari, steak, poultry and seafood. All made fresh.
Salad & Miso Soup

Fresh meats and veggies...made with love :-)

 Get ready for the show...
He makes a volcano with those onions!! 

Don't wear flammable stuff like hairspray, etc. Or just make sure you scoot back when the heat gets turned up! It's really cool to see and they're super friendly.

 The Tokyo Special: Sakura ( Chicken, Shrimp & Filet Mignon)
This plate did come with chicken but I'd already eaten it. They made a mistake on how they cooked my filet, as I ordered it medium rate and he cooked it medium. So, he made it right and left the other meat on there as well. Love places that make it right when they make a mistake. 

 The meal includes this citrus sorbet to cleans your palate.

I highly recommend this place for a large group of friends and/or family.  The staff is friendly, the service is great, the atmosphere is unique and most important, the food is fresh and amazing. (Graceful bow, hands together) ボナペティ!(Bonapeti!)

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