Saturday, March 4, 2017

Paddy's Irish Restaurant: Flavorful with a Modern Twist

     Paddy's Irish Restaurant & Pub has reopened in South Tulsa. I visited the former location prior to it's closing but just for drinks and fun.  This time, I decided to try the food. I love Irish cuisine so I was pretty excited.

     My friend and I visited during lunch time.  It was REALLY slow, which is concerning because it had been opened for 7 to 8 months when we went.  I hate to see restaurants so slow during lunch time when it should be hoppin'.  I will say, it was a bit gloomy and the server was less than friendly.  I wish restaurant owners would pay attention to the details that are a piece of what makes or breaks a restaurant.  First impressions, definitely important.  The server wasn't rude but just not what you expect when you choose to dine at their restaurant. They should be friendly...we do, after all, have other choices.

     I ordered the Bangers & Mash and my friend Mary Anne ordered the Traditional Shepard's Pie. Technically speaking, Shepard's pie is made with minced lamb meat, Cottage Pie is made with minced beef.  But I, about the food.

     I like the way Paddy's serves up their food with traditional Irish food in mind but with a modern twist.  The Shepard's Pie looked more like a deconstructed version.  My friend gave me a bit and I liked it.  It had flavor, and the mashed potatoes were really light and fluffy, not heavy or filling.  The vegetables were served on the side rather than mixed in with the meat and gravy.  I think the portions were spot on, not too much.  People that complain about portion size need to stick to buffets.  
Traditional Shepard's Pie

     Next is the food I ordered, which was the Bangers & Mash.  Okay, again with the portion size and flavor, really good. Even though I don't feel like the "bangers" were traditional Irish made sausages.  They tasted like something I could go and buy at the local grocers.  It was a bit greasy...traditional Irish bangers are a bit beefy-er and not as greasy. But that's my only complaint. The potatoes were light and the veggies balanced out the down side of the sausages.  Oh and again, portions were spot on. In fact, I couldn't finish mine.

Bangers & Mash

     Over all, the food was very good. Kudos to the chef.  Although the service wasn't terrible, it does need improvement. Managers need to look into training their servers and employees better on greeting customers and taking good care of us by starting off with a friendly greeting and good customer service.  A patron shouldn't feel like they're ruining their day by visiting and bringing in business to their restaurant.  Food, I give 3.5 to 4 stars, service 2 to 2.5


9999 S Mingo Rd
Tulsa, Ok


Monday - Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 11am - 1am


(918) 615-6999

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