Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Roppongi Ramen Noodles and more...this isn't your kids' ramen.

I don't even know where to begin. I've always thought when people use the phrase "it's life changing" to describe how a dish has affected them was, well... dumb.  That is until I tried the ramen noodle dish at Roppongi on 6th and Boston.

     So I'm always looking for a good place on which to write a good review.  This place had been opened for about eight months or more, and Libby Billings (owner of Roppongi, Elote, and The Vault) is the one that made this foodie dream a reality.  

     I first learned of these ramen noodle restaurants popping up in the U.S. from one of my favorite chefs, David Chang.  He did a segment on Chef's Table about ramen noodles and took us on a tour of various ramen noodle restaurants, even showing us how to properly eat a bowl of ramen (use your chopsticks to basically inhale it).  This is when I realized the ramen noodles he was chowing down was not what we get from the super market...FAR, FAR from that.

     Since then, I've been enticed to try but, like most trends and cool stuff, it was really only a coastal thing from LA to NYC.  Recently, we had a couple of "chain" ramen places open up in Tulsa but I'm not really into chains (I'll make a few exceptions). I just didn't want a chain to ruin what I know would be a great experience coming from a locally owned place.  I guess mother earth foodie heard my wishes because Roppongi opened in downtown Tulsa, thanks again Libby, you're my my foodie godmother.


     Below, you see before you, the Pork Ramen.  The description of this dish on the menu, merely describes the dish as "shoyu broth, all natural pork belly, marinated shiitake mushroom, soft-cooked free-range egg, scallion".  

     Lawdy, do they leave out what you can CLEARLY see.  Now, my description:  "Perfectly balanced and flavorful broth with savory, tender pork belly that falls to pieces when you attempt to eat it due to extreme tenderness, with marinated shiitake mushrooms that tastes of salty-sweet and lemon-grassyness as it touches your taste buds. Oh and delectable soft-cooked free-range eggs that ooze all over your dish with silky cheese-like yolky-goodness, with added freshness from the scallions and, lest we not forget those noodles. OMG, those noodles...they're thick and fresh, tasting like someone just made them that day. Savory, dense and eggy umami-ness that add the chewing component of the dish. Every ingredient melds together like the best savory, buttery (from the fatty, roasted pork belly), rich yet fresh dish you've ever had.        

   Pork Ramen- large bowl $10.99 and well-worth every damn penny.

     After visiting with one of the Roppongi staff members, I learned that Libby has fresh ramen noodles flown in weekly from L.A.  I mean, you can taste these hand made noodles...the earthy, richness of it all.  You're cheating yourself if you don't try it. They also have gluten-free noodles and vegetarian friendly dishes.  They're located where Lassalle's used to be on the southeast corner of 6th and Boston.

Here's more info:

601 S. Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119
Hours: M-Th 11a-9p
           Fri    11a-10p
           Sat   5p-10p
           Sun  Closed
See their menu online:

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