Friday, December 6, 2013

Mexicali Border Cafe...The Homemade Salsa is the Star of the Show!

Mexicali Border Cafe serves up decent Tex-Mex food.  A slight hint of Mexican authenticity,  mixed with the Americanized cheesy, saucey-ness that makes it Tex-Mex. Mediocre food, excellent service.

     My boss treated us to lunch on a cold, snowy day. Entering this place with the rich aromas and warmth that Mexican food has to offer made weathering the outside cold temperatures to get to this cozy little eatery tolerable.

Shredded Pork served in two White Corn Tortillas with Pickled Cabbage,
Pico de Gallo and Your Choice of Tomatillo Sauce or Chipotle Sauce.
Served with Rice and Borracho Beans.

A Thick Creamy Soup with Chunks of Chicken, Diced Tomatoes, Avocado and Mixed Cheese.

Beef Tamale smothered in chili and cheese.

     What made this place so good was the weather...anytime it's snowy, icy, and cold, we tend to crave comfort foods.  It's not my first choice in Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine, but it's okay. I'm not a fan of covering up what should be good food, with sauces, cheese, etc.  The tamale was overcooked, to the point that not even the chili and cheese could hide that fact or make it soft.  Service really was outstanding. Our server kept our beverages capped off and we were seated, waited on, and served quickly. Oh, and it has to be said, the salsa that is served complimentary with the chips (we had both mild and EXTRA spicy) was outstanding. It was the freshest and tastiest thing on the menu.

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