Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dilly Deli, It's the Freshizell of Foodizell!

The Biz

Ahi tuna steak medium rare with ginger soy glaze, bean sprouts, wasabi, & avocado served on stirato
     My first trip to Dilly Deli and I totally loved it. The good points of this locally owned restaurant is the food is fresh, it's a casual environment and did I mention the food is fresh? I ordered  The Biz, which is Ahi tuna steak, medium rare with a ginger soy glaze...the bean sprouts and avocado added such a burst of fresh flavor, it was great.

     Okay, now for some constructive criticism...The staff needs to get a smile on their face. It's great to be greeted with a hello, but a smile accompanying that greeting would be nice. I didn't get that from the hostess nor the bartender, which is where one places to go orders.

     Also, while the food really was good overall, the Ahi tuna was way too bland and needed some spice like salt or something to bring out the flavor, this had NO seasoning at all. As a foodie, one thing I've learned from conversing with chefs, is that the ingredients that make up a dish, must be able to stand on their own as well as mingle with the other ingredients in harmony so there isn't one flavor over-powering another. But again, over all the bread was fresh, the ingredients were all very fresh and it was a good sandwich.

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