Monday, September 8, 2014

Fu-Thai Sushi Bar...Luscious Asian Cuisine

 Okay, so, shame on me for visiting this amazing "hole in the wall" Thai, Chinese and Japanese fusion eatery, then not blogging about it for two months. This place was amazing. The owners were kind, the entire place (has three 1/2 levels) was super clean and, it has a small bar. Not too small...but I love a place that offers adult beverages.  

     I started with the classic "Thai Tea".  It's beautiful to look at as it is delicious.  I wish this place could serve it in a clear class, instead of the frosted soft-drink sponsored cup :-(  It starts out with the super sweet concentrated tea at the bottom, then topped off with cream. I know, I was giddy too.

     Next, I asked the owner Fue Kue, aka Daniel (he's the sushi chef) what was good on the menu.  He brought his wife, Chanda, out of the kitchen (she cooks the food) to answer my questions.  Thank goodness I arrived after the lunch rush.  I absolutely LOVE chatting with chefs and restaurateurs about their establishments. From the location, to their passion, their food...all of it.  Being an Asian cuisine junkie, I knew this place was going to be amazing.

     If you're familiar with my reviews, you know my philosophy of ethnic cuisine/restaurants. If there are people of the same ethnicity as the where the food derives, the food will be outstanding.  This restaurant had several Asian diners enjoying the food.

     I started with the Seaweed Salad with sesame oil. It was sweet, savory and good!

     Next, I ordered a sushi the way, I've never eaten at a restaurant with Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine and all of it rocked. Seriously.  The sushi roll was a spicy escolar with crab meat atop a sweet beautiful sauce, topped with a spicy aioli.

     I think in addition to sushi and sashimi, Thai cuisine is my equally favorite in Asian cuisine. So, I ordered the Pad Thai with pork.  It was among one of the best I've had in Tulsa. The flavor of the pork was savory and the dish itself tasted of the essence of umaminess.  For the record, I had to take home a doggy bag, no way could I eat all of this. I made three meals out of tasty.

     The interior was not what I expected based on what I saw of the exterior. It was a pleasant surprise.  They had a beer bar and it was pretty huge inside.  Lots of seating and three half levels up of seating, including a banquet room.

     Service was great, they were really friendly and accommodating.  It's that little hole in the wall you hear know, "a hole in the wall but the food was phenomenal" kind of place. I think it's great whether you're treating a client or having lunch/dinner with a friend.  Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!  Cheers :-)

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