Monday, September 29, 2014

Cosmos Cafe and Bar...Mediterranean Fresh Tasty-ness!

    Cosmo's Cafe...I've been there before, but it's been too long. Fresh cafe Mediterranean goodness. I'll be back sooner than later. Excellent service, clean and delicious, fresh food. Who could ask for anything more :-)

     Once again, a client lunch leads to another delicious blog review on a totally rad locally owned restaurant.  Cosmo's Cafe and Bar, formerly located in south Tulsa, moved to Brookside a few years ago.  The owners opened up sister restaurant Laffa, earlier this year, located in downtown Tulsa.

     We started with the hummus, of course. It's like one of their signature dishes. I like that it has more texture than you get in other places...but that's a good thing. It's hearty and flavorful. Served with pita bread, this could very well be your main meal as well but trust me, you'll want to save room for more.

      I ordered the Turkey and Avocado with a cup of Coconut Thai Curry Soup. One word...YUM. 

Coconut Thai Curry Soup-Bowl $6.29/Cup $4.29

Delicious, heart warning sweet potato, coconut & lemongrass soup that has a fun little kick to it bowl served with freshly baked baguette. cup served with crackers

Turkey and Avocado- $8.29
bacon, cream cheese, red onions, spring greens, ranch and tomatoes.

     Chad ordered the Roased Red Pepper, Tomato and Gouda cup of Soup with the Euro Beast...yes, he gave me a taste of the soup. It be good :-D
 Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Gouda Soup-Bowl $5.99/Cup $3.99
The Euro Beast-$8.29
Roast beef, avocado, roasted red pepper, cheddar, horseradish cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes and spring mix. 

     Kevin ordered the Cosmo Curry Chicken Salad with Pasta Salad. I didn't have a taste of his, but it looked really, REALLY good. I do believe I'll try that sandwich next time I eat lunch there!
Cosmo Curry Chicken Salad-spring greens and tomatoes. $8.29

Satisfied Cosmo diners!

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