Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hoop's Philly Steak Food Truck...Daaaaang Good!

Hoop's Philly Steaks...serious good eats. Words can't do this place justice. You have to try the Philly Steak & Cheese though...really.

     It was "Food Truck Wednesday" and I walked all the way around the trucks to see what I hadn't tried yet (not much I haven't tried). Ran into some awesome people I know...hi Serene, Brady, LB, Terah...and the new people I met :-D, it was great to see you all!

     Okay, on to the goodness. I decided to try Hoop's Philly Steaks. They have jumbo hot dogs, footlong Polish sausage and fried pickles.  They also have some tasty beverages on the menu like lemonade. Oh, and the people servicing were super friendly...I love that.

     I digressed...the Philly Steak & Cheese was delicious. The beef and the onions were cooked tenderly and packed with flavor...almost tasted like a slow braise or roast on both meat and onions.  The sauce was savory and had a slight kick to it.  That Swiss cheese just melted lusciously...ever so creamy and satisfying. You have to try it. I tried to capture the flavor with photos but I didn't have my Canon with me, so Samsung had to step in and try to get the job done. Honestly, the photos don't do this tasty sandwich justice. Try it for yourself. It was only like $7...which is pretty standard pricing for food truck menu items.  Okay, turn on the porn tune...and feast your eyes on THIS.

     Hoop's Philly Steak Food's that good. Okay, turn the porn music's still good :-)  Cheers!

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