Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gyros (yee-rose) Palace, Food of the Gods...for realz!

      Seriously, amazing...UH-MAY-ZING flavors. Out of this small little hole in the wall café comes tasty, savory and juicy meats, fresh veggies. Fresh would be a good way to describe this Gyros Palace. Fresh AND flavorful.

     I had the "D" on the menu by the register.  It tasted like roasted lamb...O.M.G. It was juicy, literally packed with savory flavor and just beyond good.

     The "D" came with pita bread, hummus, fresh Greek salad, roasted meat and a side of  tzatziki, a cucumber yogurt zesty sauce. This sauce complimented and cut through the rich meat beautifully.

     I highly recommend you at least try Gyro's Palace...they're located just west of Sheridan off 31st street. ζήτω!


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