Thursday, January 1, 2015

Indigo Sky Casino's Shawanoe Restaurant & Bar: Worth the Drive!

                                                                     I know we have casinos in Tulsa...but this one is worth the short drive to Wyandotte, OK. Indigo Sky Casino has a beautiful, lavish and modern hotel with all the amenities, fluff and pampering you can imagine. This casino has several restaurants within the casino...this review is on Shawanoe Restaurant and Bar.

     One of my favorite clients to see handles the Indigo Sky Casino & Hotel. I love that she let's me treat her to lunch and she always selects Shawanoe Restaurant and Bar.  They serve a variety of items from traditional Indian Tacos to delicious salads, pastas, and proteins including steaks, seafood, pork and chicken.  I opted for the Caesar Steak Salad and my client chose the Chicken and Cheese Tortellini...yes, she let me have a bite of hers :-D

     Below is the Chicken and Cheese much flavor. It think if a dish contains chicken breast it's I'll just think it and allow myself to feel good about eating this rich, delicious dish, even if only for a minute.

Chicken & Cheese Tortellini
Tri-colored cheese tortellini tossed with garlic,
parmesan cheese and basil-cream sauce with an
herb-encrusted chicken breast and served with garlic
flatbread. 8.99

     I did only have ONE bite of that deliciousness.  The dish I ordered for myself was the Caesar Salad with steak...don't judge. The flavor of the steak was so perfectly seasoned and just went so well with that fresh crisp salad.

 Caesar Salad
Romaine tossed with Caesar dressing, tomato,
parmesan cheese and croutons. 5.99 / Add steak or
chicken 2.99

     The prices reflect the lunch menu but the dinner prices are not much more. It's affordable, delicious food and so worth the drive.  For you casino frequenters, this place is definitely worth the drive and stay in the hotel. After all, isn't it good luck to try your hand at a new place? 

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