Monday, December 29, 2014

Mario's New York Style Pizzeria: It's a GREAT Pie Whether It's "Tastayatago"

                                                                                                     Mario's New York Pizzeria...again, one of those "why did I wait so long to visit this place?!" kind of eatery and great "hole-in-the-wall" pizzeria!

     When you first enter this pizzeria, all you smell are the aromas of what you think a great pizza should taste like. You know, that amazing says to you, "I'm about to have a great pizza with that tomato-ee, cheesy, perfect dough goodness!"  And then you try it and bam, spot on!

     It's one of those "order at the counter" and get your own drinks kind of place...casual and very friendly.  It was also very clean.  You can see them making the pizza, as the kitchen is right behind the counter. I love this type of place!

     I had two special guests with me and we ALL brought out appetites.  We started with the Baked Ziti, which is served with complimentary Italian Bread (perfect for soaking up that sauce!) Then we ended it with a large Cheese Pizza.

     The Baked Ziti was tasty...I love it when you can taste the tomatoes and oh, that cheese. WOW! The kind of creamy mozzarella cheese you can't find anywhere around these parts.  It was so creamy...almost like a cheese sauce, but it's actual mozzarella!

     Next, we had the Cheese Pizza. While I've never actually been blessed with the opportunity to go to NYC and have a slice or a whole pie, this pizza tasted like what I imagined NYC pizza should taste like!  Again with the great sauce and CREAMY mozzarella cheese. The crust had that perfect slight sweetness that blended in perfectly with that savory tomato sauce.  It was slightly chewy, not too chewy, but that perfect chewy that allows you to fold that slice over and take a nice bite!

     The inside of this lil pizzeria was actually a pretty decent size and you can order it to go as well.

     First drink refills are free but cost .50 cents for each refill after that.  I like to take my little guests with me to pizzerias because I think when one is reviewing a family restaurant, it's important to get the feedback from the little people too :-D

     As you can see...they were smiles from ear to ear with happy tummies.  They loved the Baked Ziti as much as they loved the Cheese Pizza.

     Next time you're in the mood for a great slice or pie, stay away from the icky, national "chains", support your local establishments and you'll be so glad you did. The flavors and quality will not even come close. Remember, you can order your pizza by the slice or whole "pie" and you can get it "tostayatogo". ;)

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