Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cork...Under New Ownership and Tasty as EVER!


     So, I have clients that have been telling me I need to visit Cork...for sometime now. I finally did and was so glad I didn't wait any longer.

     I had lunch with a client and we decided on Cork.  It's hidden, nestled between a couple of businesses in a strip mall.  In fact, there was no one else dining in the restaurant when we got there.  Can I just say, I hope that changes because I do NOT want to see this great little eatery go out of business. 

     Since it was lunchtime, I couldn't partake in a glass of wine, but I did look over the wine list and it's impressive. With a delectable food menu as well as a full bar and great wine/cocktail/beer menu, this place better stay open.

     My client and I started off with the Hot and Crunchy Avocado. Yum doesn't begin to describe this amazing bite of goodness.  It's super crunchy, then there's the creamy, savory avocado...swirled in that ancho and mango jalapeno aioli. WOW.

Hot and Crunchy Avocado   10

Avocado, creem cheese and pepper jack blend rolled in our signature breading with an ancho and mango jalapeno aioli

     Wait, we didn't stop there for a starter...we also decided to try the Duck Bacon and Corn Wonton. They were like crunchy decadent empanadas, made with wonton freaking good.

Duck Bacon and Corn Wonton   12

Six Crispy wontons over a bed o mixed bean and corn succotash

     Aaaand we didn't stop there. No. She ordered her own meal and I ordered my own meal.  Thank goodness the holidays are over and I can't use that as an excuse to eat what I want...because this day I did :-D

     My client ordered the Basil-Havarti Grilled Cheese w/Cup of Tomato Basil Soup. I ordered the Grilled Pork Chops with a Tahlequah mustard cream. 

Basil-Havarti Grilled Cheese wtih Cup of Tomato Basil Soup   11

A Cork twist on the grilled cheese. Drizzled with local clover honey and served with a cup of creamy tomato basil bisque

Grilled Pork Chops   26

Two hand cut, bone in, center loin pork chops seasoned, grilled, and mopped with our Tahlequah mustard cream and served with garlic mashed potatoes and haricot verts

     Our server was awesome and he informed me they were going to be tweaking the menu a bit more plus, they have entertainment at night on certain evenings.  I give it two out of three noms.

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