Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Becks Fresh Mediterranean--NOW OPEN!!! Woodland Hills/71st Street Corridor 6808 S Memorial Drive #302 Tulsa, OK 74133 htt://

Wow, where to start. First, Thanks Chef James Beck for coming back to Tulsa and opening, what is sure to be a repeatedly award-winning restaurant. We began with the Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, described as white meat crab mixed with aromatic vegetables, fresh herbs and provolone cheese. Aromatic is the best word to describe it.
As I breathed in, to cool off the delicious bite before chewing, the aromatics literally went through my palate and all through my senses. Truly an amazing foodie experience.
My friend ordered the Jumbo Stuffed Shrimp, filled with a crab meat, seafood stuffing, baked to a golden succulence, and topped with a creamy, lemon hollandaise sauce. This heavenly, savory delight is served nestled in a bed of pilaf with sauteed vegetables.
I ordered the Chicken Piccata. The menu describes it as "Boneless chicken breast, dipped in egg and parmesan batter, sauteed in lemon, white wine and capers,finished with a refreshing, butter sauce".I call it white chicken breast,melting into pure oblivion,serious MELTING I SAY!I've never had chicken breast this moist,tender and buttery...ahhh.
My friend and I are more of a savory fan vs. sweet so we opted for no desert; however, we had to try one more dish, which seemed to scream out our names during the entirety of our dinner.
Seafood Stuffed Crepes, described on the menu as "A luscious blend of shellfish and seafood, sauteed with butter, herbs, and aromatics vegetables, wrapped in tender crepes, topped with hollandaise and broiled." I describe it as a savory, creamy, velvettie, seafood concoction, wrapped in the tender loving arms of a delicate crepe. With each slice of the fork, the word "buttery goodness" repeated itself as our palates agreed with delight.
If all this wasn't enough, Chef Beck graced us with not only is presence, but a goodie...Scallops fresh from Florida, topped with a mushroom cap and drizzled with the sauce used in the Chicken Piccata dish. Yes, nicely crisped on the outside and ever so tender and perfectly cooked on the inside. (I'll be dreaming of this food until my next visit...which I suspect will be in the very near future)
The menu is simple and to the point as is the wine list, which we found to be phenomenal. You know when you taste the food and you think to yourself, "wow, this tastes exactly as I imagined it should and then some" you've eaten at a gem of a place that exceeds your expectations. That, along with the friendly staff and a dining experience that fulfills your every foodie desire :-) Becks Fresh Mediterranean - Now Open on Urbanspoon

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