Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ciao Ciao Baby!! More like Cucina Divino!

3308 South Peoria Avenue  Tulsa, OK 74105
(918) 293-9333

I have to start my review with the fact that I'm a true foodie, but not an educated food critic, so naturally, my review is just my opinion. I will say that 95% of the reviews are from people like me, except I'm not cheap and I'm willing to pay for amazing food. I have a palate that screams "food writer!!" or so I believe ;-)
On to my review of Ciao on Brookside... I started with the Calamari di Ciao...the fried calamari. It was very flavorful, a bit on the greasy side, but flavorful nonetheless. It had a slight kick of heat from the sprinkled red pepper flakes which, with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, seemed to cut through some of that greasiness.
Next was the Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass with white truffle risotto, shallot mushroom beurre rouge, topped with fried leeks. Again, the food was flavorful throughout. The risotto was a bit too thick and cold for my taste, I prefer it hot and more of the oatmeal consistency, where it "lays" on the plate rather than retaining a clump form, but I didn't complain because as I arrived at 10pm.
The sea bass...oh, where to start ...the most delicious sea bass I've ever had. I'm trying to figure out how it was seared so to perfection.  I mean it IS called "Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass" but, there's more to it than that.  I guess some things should remain a magical mystery.  It was buttery and savory throughout and slightly crisped, ever so delicately on the outside. The beautiful green on the plate, not mentioned anywhere on the menu, looked and tasted like a spinach puree of some kind. It was the perfect balance of fresh food taste with the puree and sea bass mixed in with the starchiness of the rich white truffle risotto and crunchiness of the fried leaks. Every foodies' dream. My rating on food, atmosphere, and jazzy music...four guitar riffs out of six.

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