Saturday, December 17, 2011

Savastano's Umami Nation...

Savastano's makes EVERYTHING from scratch. Their sausage, pasta...everything! You can tell...I've had the pizza and anyone that says it's not flavorful, doesn't have a good palate. Does the word Umami not mean anything to you? This place is Umami nation...or it should be. Remember, these are just recommendations, don't take my word for it or any one else's, try it for yourself.
The pizza is flavorful and, I had the lasagna for lunch and wow. Creamy, velvety lasagna pasta is made from scratch. The sauce is exactly what you would expect from an authentic Italian restaurant and as I've mentioned, everything is made from scratch. My guests had the "thin" crust anyone could eat chain restaurant pizza after this? It's just not right. In my opinion, the negative comments come from people who really don't know, recognize, nor have taste in "great food" and they're just used to greasy, fast foods. Furthermore, they don't really have a palate for truly delicious, flavorful authentic food. Sometimes, I think some of the negative comments might even be coming from a competitor or friends of the competition. Always try what you want and decide for yourself!
Savastano's Pizzeria (918) 369-9387 Bixby 8211 E Regal Pl Ste 109 Tulsa, OK 74133 Savastano's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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