Monday, December 26, 2011

Korean B-Won...oh so good, I'll be two if I keep eating there ;-P

Delicious...fresh, vibrant flavors. Savory, spicy goodness!
I was visiting my aunt in OKC. She likes the "chain" restaurants, but I said NO! She said she'd never eaten Korean food and didn't really want to try it. So I took her home, went back and ordered take out. I ordered the house fried rice and sweet & sour chicken.
Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. Let's just say their sweet & sour is NOT like Chinese sweet & sour. It's not served with a red, way to sweet, syrup-ee sauce, but rather a translucent, light tea looking, slightly sweet sauce with the tartness of real lemons. The chicken was delicious as was their sticky, steamed white rice, cooked to perfection. So when I say sticky, I mean "sushi" grade sticky, not mis-cooked sticky. The house fried rice was vibrant with fresh ingredients and none of the greasiness.
They served it with delicious condiments that were fresh and flavorful as'll just have to make that trip JUST to try it!
I took our yummy food back to my aunt's house...served it up for her and waited until she commented on how delicious it was before I finally told her it wasn't Chinese but Korean food she was eating. She laughed and then I heard nothing but mmm's, this food is so good!!
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