Monday, December 26, 2011

If at first you don't succeed, eat it and try again ;-) Red Velvet Cake, take 2!

So, I'm a decent cook...or so I think I am, and those that know me have told me so. Let's hope they're not jacking with me or I'll have to find another passion besides music and food.
Here's a tip #74, if you're gonna make something, no matter how good of a cook you are, try making it at least once before making it for a crowd. I, unfortunately, learned the hard way. I decided to add a homemade Red Velvet Cake to the list of home cooked items I was bringing to my sister's for our annual Christmas gathering. If I'd only made it at least ONCE before deciding to commit to such a project. The cake itself is not hard to make, in fact, today, I decided to try making it for the 2nd time and it turned out freaking delicious. The cake was so moist and the icing was like, well, velvet.
For those of you who like the popular cream cheese icing, most commonly paired with the red velvet cake, that's fine and I like it as well. However, I knew a lady named Netty who made the best red velvet cake I ever had. She used the old fashioned flour, milk, butter and sugar icing that turns out tasting just like whipped cream, except it doesn't melt!
My family is wonderful, supporting me in my foodie ways and they all claimed to like the cake I brought, but next year, I'll redeem myself and have it down so it turns out like the 2nd cake I made today. Follow your excitement and urge to try "new to you" recipes and always challenge yourself, especially if you have a passion for cooking/baking/creating. By the way, I listened to Motown music while I cooked all day Christmas Eve. Cook, bake, create to the beat of your own drum (spatula) ;-)

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