Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun Summertime Dessert: Faux Watermelon



This is not only a fun dessert to make but it's delicious and refreshing. Perfect summertime sweetness!

EASY AS 1-2-3!


-1 container of Lime Sherbet
-1 container of Raspberry Sherbet
-1 bag of chocolate chips (dark chocolate tastes best w/raspberry flavor)

The containers should be either large or small, it really depends on what size you want to make your 1/2 watermelon. 


Soften the lime sherbet, slightly. Into a freezer proof bowl, place the lime sherbet and use a metal spoon to spread onto the inside wall of the bowl, about 1/2 inch thick. Put bowl with lime sherbet back into freezer and allow to refreeze.  

Next, soften the raspberry sherbet to soft consistency and mix in bag of chocolate chips. 

Take bowl lined with lime sherbet out of freezer and pour in raspberry/choc.chip mixture.

Pat down firmly and place bowl with lime and raspberry chocolate chip sherbet back into freezer and allow to set up and refreeze.

To serve, place bottom of bowl over hot water for just a few seconds to loosen up enough to turn over onto serving dish, and then slice. You can place it back into the freezer after you turn it over and out onto slicing will look neater as sherbet melts extremely fast and gives you little working time.

 Serve alone or...

to compliment a rich dessert...enjoy! 


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