Thursday, June 5, 2014

Celebrity Club...Old School Swank with Romantic Charm


      Celebrity Club, a true part of Tulsa heritage for 
almost fifty years!
     A last minute lunch, my date suggested Celebrity's been years since I'd been so I was excited about it.  It's RED inside...but an old school swanky red!  Not bad, but it could use an update. Perhaps updated black and white large nostalgic photos and artwork hanging on the walls to replace and refresh what they currently have, as it doesn't really fit the theme of the restaurant. It's late 80's early 90's framed artwork, yet the ambiance is retro 60's era.

     Service was awesome. Debbie, a server there for over nine years was great.  The food came out really, REALLY fast. Almost too fast if you can believe that. But my date had coffee so that enabled us to have more time to chat ;-)

     He had the tomato soup and a steak and potatoes.  The soup, (yes he let me have a taste, he's awesome) honestly, was okay.  It was tasty and went with the retro theme.

     See below, even the potatoes are retro. My mom used to fix potatoes in rippled slices like that. I really like old school "good" food now and brings back great childhood memories.

     I had the Asian Chicken was seasoned well and was good to the typical Asian salad...with mandarin orange slices, almonds and those crispy Chinese noodle things. It was good.

      All and all a great experience. In my case, it was the company with whom I dined that made it the best experience possible.  I think it would be best for dinner...with the warm, red colors and soft lighting, it would make for a wicked good romantic experience. Bon appetite!

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