Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ah, La Madeleine....Bon Appetit Mon Ami

by True Foodie Sound Bites

It's a chain...but man is it good. Must be a small chain because you can taste the love that goes into this food.  I highly recommend this to anyone that appreciates not only exquisite food, but heavily influenced Country French.

Fast food type of quick service but sit down upscale French goodness in every bite.

My daughter treated me after church last Sunday. We split two plates.

What we have here is two different plates/dishes.
Croque Monsieur , French twist on the ham and cheese sandwich made with tender ham, warm Swiss and savoury garlic cream sauce (that's the one with the melted cheese on top) Chicken Friand, Puff pastry filled with chicken, mushrooms and b├ęchamel sauce, topped with mushroom sauce, Bowtie pasta with basil, Parmesan, spinach, pesto, green onions and sun-dried tomatoes in a garlic dressing and Fresh spinach with mushrooms, roasted pecans, bacon, red bell peppers and strawberries, tossed with balsamic vinaigrette (chicken available)

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