Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mahogany Prime Steakhouse...It's a chain, but it's a Hal Smith chain (GREAT FOOD AND SERVICE).

FINALLY! Dinner at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse.  I know, it's a chain, but they're only located in three cities, Omaha, Tulsa and OKC. AND, it's a Hal Smith property, so yeah, it's gonna be the best.  Of course, I have minimal photos and only had the use of my camera phone (it was a client dinner).  But the taste of the food, the steak, will never be forgotten until my next visit.

     Okay, so, I had to "sneak" in photos because this was a pretty important client dinner so phone pics was all I could do :-(  And if you've ever been to Mahogany's, it's very dim lit.  
     Starting with the atmosphere and the word, SEXY.  It's romantic yet warm and inviting for a client/business meal as well.  The service is beyond.  These servers must be trained very well because they did their job and didn't really connect or communicate on a personal level, but kept it rather "business" friendly.  Reminded me those British type butlers you see on TV but I have to say, I liked it!  We never had to ask for anything as we had two or three servers taking care of our table.

     We started with a bottle of of the clients I sat next to took a pic of the bottle to remember it, it was so delicious. Wish I'd done the same as I can't recall the name of it :-/

     We started with an app that was three in one. It included the crab cakes, fried calamari and shrimp cocktail.  The shrimp were huge! The calamari was okay, pretty much what you get at other restaurants, but the crab cakes, wow. It was almost all lump crab meat with just breading on the outside...delicious!

     Next, came the star of the meal...the steak.  They prepared it with salt and pepper only, which is exactly how I love it. I ordered the Prime Ribeye 14 oz. and yes, I ate it all, don't judge.  It's a fattier steak than the filet, but I love steaks with fat.  One person ordered the New York Strip and another ordered the "Bone In Filet".  I ordered mine medium rare and it was perfectly cooked.  They finish off the steaks in a 900 degree oven to get that crisp on the outside and tender goodness on the inside. Ah, mouth is watering right now just reminiscing about the taste.

14 oz. Prime Ribeye

     We ended the meal with after dinner drinks, I had the Grand Marnier Reserve...they warm it over a wine glass of hot water. Yes, very tasty.
Grand Marnier Reserve

     It was a great experience and one of my new favorites. Best service, serious wicked good steaks and a wine list like I've not seen locally in sometime.  As a person in the advertising business, I have to say, I also love how Hal Smith advertises his restaurants...putting ego aside, knowing there is always going to be competition.  Being an intelligent business man seems to be paying off! Bon appetit!

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