Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sushi Hana...Best. Sashimi. EH-VER.

     Finally, a trip to south Tulsa to try Sushi Hana. It's located at Riverside Parkway, 99th & Riverside area. So, being the die-hard midtowner that I am, and despite all the rave reviews, it took a client lunch to make this happen. Yes, I'm kicking myself for having waited this long to stop in and savor the flavors I did.

     I just love it when the restaurant owners or General Managers greet you, rather than a hostess. Not that there's anything wrong with hostesses...but it says so much about what your getting ready to experience when the owners or managers play a day to day role in the establishment. It means, they care. It means, they want to be there on a daily basis to ensure EVERYTHING runs smooth and mostly, that YOU, the customer, are well taken care of.

     So, I was greeted by Kenny, the manager. Ever so friendly and polite.  Once the server took my order and brought me my tea, I naturally start to take picture of it...and if you know me, you know I take until I get the right one. Pity I didn't have my canon with me, so Samsung Galaxy had to work.  

     Kenny noticed my picture taking and asked if I was a photographer...after a bit of conversation, and learning of my foodie craziness, food, specifically sushi became the main topic of conversation. I told him I didn't want what most people get. I asked him to get me what HE likes (I do that a lot in first time restaurants).  I told him I want the good stuff, not rolls that lose the flavor of the fish. Although I do like the good rolls from time to time, it's sashimi for me most of the time and I don't EVER use soy sauce or anything other than the sauces in which the sushi chefs present the plate of sashimi.  Below are the photos and descriptions of each item.

This was THE best Green Tea I've ever had...EVER!!!! It's made in-house and sweetened with honey. Worth the price, and yes, complimentary refills.
Iced Green Tea-made from fresh green tea leaves and sweetened with honey. $4

     Savory Yellowtail Tuna with Jalapenos in what I believe is Yuzu and topped with caviar.  I love the buttery-ness of yellowtail...the freshness of the jalapeno complimented the sea fresh flavor of the yellowtail, sweet and savory, with the ever slightly saltiness of the caviar...perfectly balanced and beyond amazing flavors.
 Yellowtail- with Jalapenos and Caviar. $11

     Next, they brought out...THE best salmon sashimi, no, THE best salmon dish I've ever had in my entire life. It's called the Bonzai, with spicy crab and radish sprouts, wrapped in torched salmon, and topped with spicy mayo and Japanese chili flakes.  I don't even know where to begin in describing this amazing masterpiece of sashimi delight.  The crunch of the radish, the sweeteness of the Yuzu with the spicy flavors of the mayo and chili all exploded in my mouth with the flavor of the torched salmon sashimi. A smokey, sweet, spicy, well textured bite of umami goodness. That's a pretty accurate description :-)
 Bonzai-spicy crab and radish sprouts, wrapped in torched salmon, topped with spicy mayo and Japanese chili flakes. $16 (off the menu)

     This last dish was the "Chef's Special", Tuna Hut. It's seared white tuna topped with a fresh ginger sauce, and served with thin fresh radish strings, topped with masago. Yes, Sriracha makes an appearance in dollop form.  The sear brought out the flavors of the white tuna like you wouldn't believe. I'll go back and try the rolls, but this...THIS fresh, experience of what REAL sushi should be is where it's at.
 Tuna Hut-seared tuna with ginger sauce. $12.95 (off the menu)

      Sushi Hana also offers a nice selection of wines...another reason for a revisit :-)

     It always makes my day when the chefs stop and smile for a quick photo...these three sushi chefs are very talented and I hope to do a review on them soon.

     The restaurant is nice, trendy interior, with great service, and THE BEST sushi in town.  For the downside...there isn't any, except it's not located closer to me :-(
乾杯! (Cheers!)

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