Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tasting Oklahoma: Fueling the Foodie Passion Everywhere!

     I finally found the time to watch an episode of Tasting Oklahoma, produced and hosted by Amanda Simcoe, aka The Cheese Wench.  I hate it when I find myself asking "why did I wait so long to check this out?!!" 

     Tasting Oklahoma is taped in front of a live studio audience with weekly guest chefs, cooking up their special recipes and more. I tried making homemade mayo once before but it didn't turn out quite right. After watching this episode of Poached Shrimp and Spicy Homemade Mayo, I learned why it didn't turn out the first time. It was the poor recipe I used! But alas,  I made it and bam! I learned how to make HOMEMADE mayo in one episode, like a boss.  Perfect, creamy, spicy mayo...mmm, mayo. Wanna learn? View the episode now, just click the link below. Subscribe to their channel Tasting Oklahoma on YouTube or, be bold, buy your seat at the table online! Visit

     This local chef celeb is quite the busy little bee and with good reason. Let's start with the fact that she's a talented chef who knows great food...we're talking amazing farm-to-table goodness. This is why she's highly sought after throughout Tulsa by the best chefs and restaurateurs. 

     Amanda is involved with satisfying the culinary curiosity of foodies and chefs, I mean EVERYWHERE. Check out her impressive career bio and more:

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