Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ricardo's at Southroads

This blog on Ricardo's will be short and sweet.  Pictured to my left is the tortilla soup.

     This was a last minute type of lunch. My daughter and I met while she shopped and she decided she was starving, so she picked Ricardo's.  I recall years ago, a dentist I worked for raved about this place...either he has really, REALLY bad taste or the level of food here has seriously declined over the years.  My daughter ordered the cheese was okay. My Jaidy Bug had some mac and cheese off the kids menu and that actually looked good and she ate it all and loved it.
Tortilla Soup
     It was mediocre.  It didn't taste bad, but as you can see from the photo...too much fat is left in this dish. They need to drain the fat or keep it from separating. It's food 101 and I guess I've just been eating at the best local restaurants in town that Tulsa has to offer so this (pictured above) was about a 3 on a scale from one to ten. The flavor wasn't too bad, but that fat in the soup made me a bit nauseous. 

     Service was okay...our server seemed irritable at first, kind of snappy and snide but leveled out by the time we left. She was tipped 25% because at the end of the day, we all have our bad days and it's not her fault the food is lacking.  

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