Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Hamlet: Good Wine, Great Food! Raising the Cuisine Bar in South Tulsa :-)

Oklahoma's original "Honey Kissed Ham" company since 1986, is now also one of Tulsa's newest eateries. The Hamlet is now serving lunch AND dinner, upping the bar on amazing food from this locally owned establishment. Yes, they offer sandwiches, salads and soups but did you know they also offer a fine-dining menu and full service bar? YEP!

     From the moment you pull up to the restaurant, you can see the HUGE sign, displaying "THE HAMLET" and you get a glimpse of the inviting outdoor patio.  The beautifully designed wooden sign is foreshadowing the clean, rustic elegant design on the inside.  The great thing is they still have a counter, at which one can order their famous honey-kissed hams, turkeys, and food to go, etc. And a mirrored wall that displays their awesome retail goodies such as the infamous raspberry-jalapeno sauce.  You'll see a handsome bar as well as tables and plenty of booths. I love booth seating and this place accommodates nicely.
The Patio     


      As always, I asked the chef what his favorite dish he said, to start with the Pan Fried Crab Cake and then the Chilean Sea Bass as the main course, which he'd just come up with as a special.

     The Crab Cake was divine...everything a crab cake should be...decent balance between lump crab meat and the binders. What made this so absolutely fantastic is the sweet basil aioli, and the charred red pepper chutney...just delicious.
 The Starter
Crab Cakes-pan roasted lump crab cakes with sweet basil aioli and charred red pepper chutney. $12

     Next, the entree. The Chilean Sea Bass over angel hair pasta.  This is a dish the chef had just come up with to place on today's menu as the special.  I don't even know where to begin in describing this perfectly cooked fish.  It was seared perfect on one side and buttery, flaky soft goodness on the inside...literally soft-flaked with each bite.  Served with cherry heirloom tomatoes on a bed of white angel hair pasta, topped with mild kalamata olives and pine nuts, this dish left me wanting more...much, MUCH more.  Even though there is olive oil and the rich taste of butter in which the the fish was oven roasted, it was rich as it was al fresco tasting, you know, that fresh California-style freshness. Which makes sense because SoCal is where this talented Chef Cameron is from.
The Entree
Chilean Sea Bass-over white angel hair pasta, topped with kalamata olives and cherry tomatoes.

     Finally, we wrapped it up with creme brulee. What I loved about this version, is that it wasn't too sweet. Creme brulee is rich enough as it is, as it's main ingredients is egg yolks, cream and sugar. But in this version, less sugar was used and it just hit the spot.

The Desert
Vanilla Creme Brulee- $6

     The service was AWESOME as was the food, rivaling Tulsa's finest farm-to-table restaurants, except rather than midtown or downtown, this local establishment is located conveniently in South Tulsa for you south T-towners. So, the only downside is that this place is located south of town, far from me.  It will definitely be worth the drive for this midtown-downtown foodie...cheers!

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