Saturday, November 22, 2014

Infusion Ultra Lounge... and Bistro?

Infuzion Ultra Lounge and Bistro...more of a lounge, less of a bistro.  I know a couple of people that actually like this place so I'll be as kind as possible.

     I personally don't care much for places that name their establishment after both a "club/bar" AND restaurant, especially when they try to portray something they're obviously not.  

     First, most people know that a bistro is a small restaurant, with modest food, prices and settings.  According to Wikipedia, Bistros are defined mostly by the foods they serve. French home-style cooking, and slow-cooked foods like cassoulet, a bean stew, are typical.  Yeah, I saw none of this type of food being served up there. And regarding the setting, the place is pretty huge indoors and out as well as a huge bar...NOT a bistro.  

     The food tasted like someone just decided to open up a restaurant one day and serve what they liked.  My sister and I split a few menu items.  We started with the crab cakes. They were pretty, but the crab cakes as well as the sauce that was drizzled over them all tasted pre-packaged/pre-made.  None of it tasted fresh.  The veggies were the only fresh thing on the plate.  

     My sister ordered a steak and I ordered the crab/seafood salad. Again, a disappointment.  The supposed steak tasted nothing short of a "cube" type of steak, no flavor at all.  The seafood salad was waaay too heavy on the mayo sauce and loaded with imitation crab meat.  It was a sad looking plate. Over soupy-like seafood salad, three slices of onions, a tomato on a leaf of lettuce and a few slices of avocado. Again, FAR from being a bistro. I'm pretty sure my kids were plating better foods when they were in grade school.

     The steak looks good from far, but it was bland and flavorless, and if you know a good cut of meat, you can tell by looking at this meat that it was not good...a cheap, tough cut for sure.

     We waited too long for everything.  It took fifteen minutes for anyone to finally approach, making the first server/customer contact.  Then it took forever to get our drinks, forever to get our food ordered, forever to get our food and forever to get our ticket to get out of there.

     The bar crowd was hopping and there was a guy dressed in a chef's coat, but he was entertaining the bar crowd and hanging out with friends, surely he wasn't THE chef...I've never seen a chef like this before if he was...they're usually in the kitchen putting out fresh ingredient dishes.  No way is this place to be taken seriously as a upscale or fine dining restaurant and it is NOT a bistro for sure.  Far from it.

     If there is something someone can recommend I'd go back, but really, if there are only a couple of items I missed that were good, then...what's the point.

     The best advice I can give the owner of this establishment is to research the restaurant industry... know what the terms mean, and know food period.  Hire a professional chef and create a menu that caters to the name of your restaurant.  Or, just stay in the bar/club business because that part of the business was a success. It looked like fun and possibly a place I'd go to just drink.  Infuzion Bar & Grill might be a more suitable name.

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