Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shawkat's Restaurant & Bakery: Most Authentic Lebanese Cuisine AND Pita Bread Bakery!!

I've driven by this place a million times and have never stopped in until now. You know what they say...timing is everything. Shawkat's has been under new ownership for about a year now and something tells me I'm glad I waited :-D

     Upon entering, patrons are greeted by the nicest people working behind the counter. That's always a good start.  I always notice the appearance of restaurants too. This place is VERY clean and all you smell are the aromas of delicious Mediterranean food.

     I always like ordering a plethora of items off a menu, sort of my own "tasting" if you will.  They were accommodating as they were kind and passionate about their food. Also a good sign of the flavors to come.

     I ordered a Cabbage Roll, Tabouli, Homos, Kebi, Chicken Kabob and some crispy, round, flat-bread like deliciousness. 

     Let's start with, what I consider to be, "THE BEST CHICKEN KABOBS EH-VERRRR".  The chicken had flavor all the way through and you know how white meat chicken kabobs cooked over fire tend to be dry? Yeah, not these. These were the juiciest chicken kabobs I've ever had.  Must be in their prep technique.

      Even the rice was buttery, gar-licky amazing!!

     Next, the Cabbage Rolls, with the Homos, Tabouli and Kebi. Words can not describe the deep, delectable flavors of the food being served up at Shawkat's. But, I'll do my best. The Cabbage Rolls...meat seasoned to perfection, not too dry, not too wet. And the cabbage was also firm but not too soggy.  The tomato sauce was rich and insanely flavorsome.  The homos was rich and creamy with a slight tangy-ness that rivals other top Tulsa Mediterranean restaurants.  

     Let's talk about that gorgeous tabouli. know how some people make it with mostly bulgur and less greens (parsley/mint)?  Look at those gorgeous green leaves and beautiful tomatoes.  It seriously tasted fresh...well, ALL of their food tastes fresh because it's made fresh.

Er my gersh...this was the best cabbage roll I've ever eaten...EH-VER!

      I also had some stuffed grape leaves and kebi. Ah, kebi...perfect crunchy-ness on the outside and so soft and tasty on the inside.  New favorite word (and food)...KEBI!!

 Beautiful house-made pita bread, crisped and dusted with secret seasonings... fabulous!

     You can purchase pita bread both soft and crispy among other things in this heavenly Mediterranean restaurant and bakery.  Everything is house-made, yes, even the pita bread. It's the only place in Oklahoma making house-made pita bread!!

     You will also find some beautiful Lebanese art and cultural items adorning the walls.

      I seriously love this place and plan to make it my "go-to" Mediterranean restaurant AND ingredient shopping know for when I'm feeling bold enough to whip up my own Lebanese cuisine.  Two thumbs up for Shawkat's Restaurant and Bakery...Sahteyn!! (to your health!!) 
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