Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ah, Ti Amo! No Really, Ti Amo! Even on a No-Carb Diet!

                                                                                                                                                                                         Yes, I took a client to Ti Amo's...and I'm on a NO carb diet! See what I had below and the will power it took to not eat any carbs or stray from my diet! Okay, it wasn't really hard to stay on my diet...the stuffed mushrooms and almond encrusted rare ahi tuna caesar made it quite easy.

     Aaand, I forgot my camera again, so the waiter, Angel, took these photos for me with his iPhone :-D Ah, the power of the foodie, nothing gets in the way of sharing a good food story.  And Angel was AWESOME with amazing service he provided to us. 

     So, my client agreed on the starter app, which is great guessed it, no carbs!

This was creamy, savory goodness...I know, nice pic right? ;-/

Stuffed Mushrooms-Artichoke hearts, italian cheeses, herbs and parmesan sauce $9

I had the incredible Caesar Salad w/Almond encrusted Ahi Tuna

Caesar Salad with Ahi Tuna- Encrusted with almonds, cooked rare.

My client's choice below of Chicken Manicotti
         Chicken Manicotti-Filled w/ chicken and baked in creamy parmesan sun dried tomato pesto sauce $9

     My lunch was absolutely delicious. Service...let me tell you, service was excellent and rivaled the type of service I recently experienced at one of Tulsa's upscale steakhouses, known for pampering, attentive service. Our waiter was, that was his name and yes, he actually was a little angel...anyway, his service skills were top notch. He took very good care of my client and me. :-)   Ti Amo's atmosphere was perfect for a business lunch but it's also very cozy and makes for a romantic dinner for two. Ti Amo, Molto delizioso ... evviva!

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