Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bogey's Burgers in East Tulsa...You Know How to Whistle, Don't Ya...

     ....You just put your lips together and blow, but not before you take a huge bite of cheeseburger deliciousness.  I've lived in Northeast Oklahoma for 3/4's of my life and have NEVER heard of this place. It's a bit of a time warp...from the decor, to the old fashioned burgers and curly fries. But you know when you bite into one of those old fashioned cheeseburgers and you just know, you're in 'Merka (America) and life is good? Yeah, I had one of those moments :-)

     A last minute "what's everyone doing for lunch?" question and co-worker Brenda says "Bogey's!".  I was like, "where? what?" never heard of this place.  So glad we went. I ordered the classic bacon cheeseburger and had a bite of Kristi's fries and a couple of Dawn's onion rings. I didn't realize I was craving this place until I bit into my burger...YUM!
Kristi and Brenda 

The "Gang", Kristi, Brenda, David, and Dawn

      Brenda's chili cheese burger and fries...she was our VIP and the only one the owner "Mel" personally delivered food to...wonder what he would've done if I'd told him to kiss my grits? :-D

     Everyone should try this place at least once. Nostalgic, retro food as is the theme, it's good 'ole American food and just one of those occasional life "must haves". The company was awesome as was the plethora of "cheat day" goodness :-D  PLAY, I MEAN, MAKE... IT AGAIN SAM, AND PUT SOME CHEESE ON IT!

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