Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ink's Shaved Ice...Psychedelic Never Tasted So Good!

     Ink's Shaved Ice...Who knew "snow cones" or shaved flavored ice could be so rad? I mean, really, REALLY wicked awesome.  I promise, you won't find another place like this anywhere near. 

     I'd been wanting to come by but they're usually closed when I'm in their area. Today I happened to be near by and decided to stop in.  It's in the heart of Broken Arrow, just off Kenosha, down the street from main street.  

      Kids crowding the outdoor benches could be seen from the street before we pulled in. It seems like a fun place to gather for kids and grow ups of all ages.

     There's a fun dry-erase wall where one can express their artistic talent or mood!

      I snuck in a photo of the good folks that put out these great amazing flavors of shaved ice...I know, I know, you're thinking, "it's just shaved ice" but it's not really...
      ...because of the HUGE flavor varieties. See the green and pink menus on the wall to the left? And you can take those flavors and create and combine to make new flavors. It's CRAZY good!

     This is "Wedding Cake" flavor, and yes, it tasted similar to a white wedding cake!

Mine was a blue coconut, banana and toasted coconut flavor...he made a rose of it!

      They added sugar sprinkles to mine as well. You can even add whipped cream! This is the type of place that's refreshing in the summer, and makes you nostalgic for the summer in the winter!  I mean, let's face it, we eat ice cream in the winter, why should this be any different? Ink's Shaved Ice, where the eats are as cool as the peeps that run it!

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