Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dena's Lebanese Cuisine, Simple Exterior, Amazing Food


Dena's Lebanese Cuisine located in Tulsa's Pearl District is one of the best, and most authentic Lebanese restaurants in town.

      As soon as you step into this quaint, "old-school" adorned restaurant, you'll know what I mean. It's like you stepped into a cafe in Lebanon.  Owner Ghalib Naaman, owner/chef, described some of the menu items and his fond memories of Lebanon.  I walked through the restaurants, admiring the beauty of his homeland...made me want to take a trip to see the majestic place for myself.

     After my review of the wall photos and knick-knacks, I got down to business and started chatting about food.  I asked him to prepare my to-go meal using his favorites or whatever he wished.  I know the meal consisted of a cabbage roll, and all platters come with hummus, pita bread and rice.  The meal he prepared was also comprised of soujouk (sausage), lamb and beef. It had a delicious yogurt and tahini sauce over it. And what Mediterranean meal would be complete without a pickle, to balance the rich meal out?
Cabbage roll, soujouk a lamb version of jaj b laban, served with rice, humus and pita bread.

Cabbage roll, soujouk a lamb version of jaj b laban, served with 
rice, humus and pita bread.

     This was truly delicious and I'd say it is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in town.  It's not a fancy place, nor is it in a fancy location, which means, you'll be paying for the authentic, delicious, goodness that is the food and nothing more.  Service was good and friendly.  Go by and say hi to Ghalib...and prepare your taste buds for amazing Lebanese cuisine. الهتافات وبون ابيتى! (cheers and bon appetit!)

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