Sunday, November 3, 2013

Awe Yeah...National Sammy Day ;-)

What Sandwich Will You Be Honoring?

I love national days that honor some type of food.  Listening to Retro Rock, cooking and blogging is a perfect day for me. (there's the gym too but that's later).

     This yummyness of a masterpiece sandwich is fast, easy and oh so freakin' good.  I used honey wheat bread, thick hickory smoked bacon and two medium sized eggs, oh, and Sriracha aioli.

     Spray a pan with olive oil spray, toast one side of each bread. Spray pan again and either fry or poach your eggs in a separate pan.  I cook my bacon ahead of time and refrigerate, so, I just threw already cooked and cut up pieces of bacon in the pan with the eggs to warm. Drizzle one slice with Sriracha aioli (or combine low fat mayo and Sriracha or Asian chili) and then top with eggs and bacon...voila! 

(tip:  cook all your bacon ahead of time and use throughout the week or freeze the cooked bacon)

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