Friday, November 1, 2013

The Gnarley Dawg Makes My Choppers Gnash Away At The Bready, Meaty Tasty-ness :-D

                                                                  The Gnarley Dawg, is a hot dog specialty restaurant unlike any that I've ever been.  It's a cool place with that "garage" like atmosphere that fares well with the hipster crowds.  It's the food, however, that links the generations from baby boomers to Gen Z, with the ever popular, all American dish... the hot dog.

     For the meat portion, they offer, 1/4 lb all beef, 1/2 lb all beef, polish sausage, Bratwurst, or Hot Link sausage. They're set up kind of like a Subway with regard to how you order and tell them what you want on your "dawg" as they move down the line. That beautiful dawg you see below is my version of the ultimate hot dog.  It's a hot link sausage with jalapenos, grilled onions,  and those bright green pepper-like relish that's sweet but non pickled...thinking it's "sport pepper"?  Anyway, add to that, ONE of several, delicious, house-made sauces, the "pink sauce" which is made up of mayo, ketchup, and Sriracha. They had me at Sriracha when the told me what the sauce was made of :-)

     I literally inhaled this hot "dawg" when I got back to the office. I had to smell it from 61st & Mingo ALL THE WAY to 2nd & about torture with those mouth-watering aromas of beefy, spicy goodness in the car ride all the way back. So worth that first bite.  The gal behind the counter was nice...service was speed-fast and friendly. Who could ask for anything more? Bon appetit!

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